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Nocturnal enuresis


EVEN before my Ndirande shakes its nocturnal torpor, you are likely to see a group of young boys and girls downing cheap but dangerous liquors like Midori, Win, Chikoka and others.

Ironically, these are young men who, instead of working hard for a living, go around asking for K200 from anybody who they know and happens to pass by. In these, what I see is a group of wasted youths and a lost generation that has given up on life. It is this generation that is betraying the national dream of doing away with the tired, useless old generation that rules us today.

The trend, if you have noticed, refuses to be altered or we allow it to be the same. During the United Democratic Front and the Ayimanso campaign, the Young Democrats terrorised this country.


Blindly, they were being used to hack and beat up people likely for something they did not even understand. Fifteen years later, some of these once-upon-a-time youths have grown and are wasted, miserable and pathetic adults while the masters they were serving inanely are still rich and live a plush life.

People’s Party, too, had its own version of cadets who wasted two good years painting themselves and dancing silly to politicians. Just as the Young Democrats, the smart ones have come to realise that they lost productive years,

Today, just like it were between 2010 to April 2012, Malawi has returned into the hands of the monstrous cadets sponsored by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Two


weeks ago, these cadets were at their brutal best, again, as they harassed Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament Juliana Lunguzi. Actually this mad moment was just an addition to the so many violent acts these barbarians have proudly committed.

The other day, these people who now think they have exclusive rights to threaten, insult or rough up anyone, had the temerity to beat up policemen who were on duty.

What is disturbing is that those at the top of their party hierarchy seem to commission and enjoy these archaic and savage acts.

President Peter Mutharika has held a couple of rallies and meetings that have been broadcast and reported by the media. But not even once has he condemned the violent acts by the gang he calls “my cadets”.

I have a few youthful friends who confess to be blue at heart. We have always agreed and disagreed on political opinions without insults, fights or even threats. These are people Mutharika should support and encourage in the party not some roughnecks who are busy making the party unpopular because of violence.

Recently, the Afrobarometer released a damming survey report about the waning popularity of the DPP. As usual, the party will try to wear a brave face or—as it did some other day—embark on a circus to prove Mutharika’s illusory popularity.

But the truth is that apart from the suspect leadership of Mutharika, some of the things that make DPP reviled are its strange love for violence, sadism, arrogance and all the bad things political parties are not supposed to do.

So, Mutharika has a huge job to reflect on why only two years to the polls his political mojo is wilting.

In the party’s manifesto, there is a promise to empower the youth in the country. Perhaps I was asleep the past three years and I do not know that now empowerment means turning the youth into thugs.

Somehow, I also blame the youth who do not know their value and debase themselves to become panga wielders who, in the end, put their lives in danger because in a fight anything can happen to either warring parties.

As I said earlier, time is a savage and those who believe are gods will end up crawling for mercy when the tables turn. April 2012 remains a fine example.

My generous and raw take on all youths that have been blinded by the glint of party colours and have sold their souls to political jingoism is that they are the proverbial people who believe are smart and have the whole world at their feet yet in bed they suffer from nocturnal enuresis.

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