Nomads top brass miss Salima Sugar meet


Late comers eat bones. This is exactly what Mighty Wanderers delegation encountered after arriving late for a crucial sponsorship meeting with Salima Sugar management.

Wanderers officials led by Secretary to the Board Humphreys Mvula, Commercialisation Chairperson Clement Stambuli and Finance Director Mervis Mangulenje failed to arrive in time for the meeting which was scheduled for Thursday.

Salima Sugar Company Secretary Charles Thupi said the meeting could not be held because by the time Wanderers’ delegation arrived the company’s board chairperson Shireesh Betgiri had left.


“Technically the meeting did not take place. Our chairman could not keep waiting as the agreed time elapsed by hours. This followed travel challenges by our counterparts. So nothing was discussed as the chairman advised me to tell them to submit a business proposal which will be discussed at a board level later,” he said.

However, Stambuli downplayed the incident, saying they never went there to meet a specific person.

“We don’t meet names. The most important thing is that we are still in constant talks with them as partners. What we are focusing on now is to make sure that they get the much needed visibility during games. They told us to make a presentation which, when ready, will be submitted,” Stambuli said.


Salima Sugar signed K60 million partnership with Wanderers which the team was getting K5 million monthly. The deal will expire this month end.

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