Nothing comes out of nothing


Mdzukulu, there is an old Latin expression that says ex nihilo, nihil fit, meaning: nothing comes of nothing.

An examination of Freudian slips of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General (SG) Greselder Jeffrey, who is slowly casting herself in the role of someone who will go down in history as ‘the Malawian Marie Antoinette’, reveals that DPP and Jeffrey are taking pride in regionalism, sectarianism, nepotism, tribalism and parochialism in the pursuit of democracy.

No long ago, Jeffrey just confirmed that she is a bad if not, in the words of Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenifumbo, ‘lactating’ politician.


Mdzukulu, I said it elsewhere that Jeffery’s remarks on Public Affairs Committee during the 2017 tobacco marketing season launch and what she had spewed earlier to that, for example, substantiate that the ruling party SG is just another worthless (but expensive) furniture addition to the DPP framework.

The DPP SG ran Pac down labelling it a political grouping in disguise.

And Jeffrey is at it again.


This time she has attacked Mwenifumbo and the leadership of Alliance for Democracy declaring that they will never rule the country till eternity.

Jeffrey says Aford and its leaders failed to lead this country when then party president late Chakufwa Chihana was alive, hence Northerners, in short, should forget about producing a leader for the country.

But the purpose of language, mdzukulu, spoken or written, is primarily to transfer experience – ideas, impressions, feelings – from one person to another.

Of course, the question of whether a person thinks first before they speak or language shapes individual’s thoughts is like the chicken-and-egg question but recent experiments with five-month-olds at Harvard University favour the conclusion that thought comes first.

Thus, clarification or clarification, Jeffery and DPP have communicated their thoughts on Northerners.

And it is not surprising to say the least.

Bingu wa Mutharika, for example, died unpopular president because during his second term of office nepotism and clientelism had increasingly become a decisive factor in who got what in terms of public goods and positions.

The majority of key positions in the Cabinet, public service, statutory corporations and foreign missions went to his own kith and kin, creating a typical political-affiliate and ethnic network that just made looting easy but public service execution almost absent.

You and I have heard it that at the time of his sudden death in April, 2012, from nowhere, the man had under his armpit, a staggering K61 billion in assets and bank accounts.

Today, mdzukulu, it is widely known that President Peter Mutharika’s predatory leadership has eroded the country’s central public administration, ending up being used for the DPP’s own aggrandisement.

In order to strengthen and ensure that their leadership is secure; and also to hide their misdeeds, the DPP have surrounded themselves with tribesmen or praise-singers such as Jeffrey.

Under Mutharika’s leadership, people are recruited into the public service either because they come from the same district as the political leaders or are related to the politicians or are assumed to be belonging to the same party as the ruling elite.

Benefits like training opportunities and external travel, for instance, are extended to civil servants that are politically connected with the ruling elite even when it is discernible that they are under-qualified and cannot effectively contribute to the deliberations at such conferences.

Mdzukulu, it is a heartbreaking sign that the country is still driven by the same visionless people who have failed to take us out of the same mess for decades now.

In fact, the swell of verbal diarrhoea or Freudian slip that emanates from faulty thinking in the ruling party’s SG serves as a pointer that the DPP leadership is mediocre bordering on nepotism.

To Jeffrey, history has a flurry of such individuals who have committed classic cases of verbal diarrhoea.

And the aftermath has always been disastrous.

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