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Now the DPP is even ransacking our history


The itching fingers of this DPP administration that has the propensity of ransacking everything it sees, has no boundaries.

After ransacking parastatals and state companies such as water boards and Escom, the administration has turned its sights to the State House in Zomba and they have left the iconic and historical building, where even British colonial governors administered this country from, bare and desolate as all the antique furniture and other iconic state property is looted to God-knows-where.

As if this is not enough, the DPP looters are now cutting the iconic trees such as Mibawa and Mopane at the State House at the pretext of pruning them for Escom electricity wires.


Well, we know the difference between pruning trees and cutting them for logging.

The latter is what is happening at the State House in Zomba despite the Forestry banning the logging of such indigenous trees years ago.

That we find this unfortunate is an understatement.


What is happening in Zomba is the blatant theft and ransacking of the country’s history by selfish individuals within the Peter Mutharika administration who do not give a damn about the heritage that this generation must leave to the incoming one but are hell-bent on milking everything in their sight for self preservation and glory.

Which leads us to ask the whereabouts of some of the iconic State property which should ordinarily be at the National Museum for preservation of future generations and even for current revenue generation through tourism.

Something quickly comes to mind. Where are the iconic and vintage red Rolls Royce and Land Rover mpandadenga vehicles that founding president the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda used to ride on his convoy?

What about the personal effects that the first leader of the independent Malawi used to have that preserved his aura as Head of State such as the fly whisk? Is somebody interested in making sure that future generation have a taste of history through the preservation of such articles?

But for once we call upon President Peter Mutharika to do the right thing and it is to stop the plunder and destruction at Zomba State House and to bring to book the selfish individuals that are behind it.

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