Nyasa Big Bullet committee reaffirms to fulfilling obligations


By Isaac Salima:

Nyasa Big Bullet stake oversteering committee has reaffirmed Nyasa Manufacturing Company’s (NMC) commitment to fulfil obligations in the club’s takeover agreement.

The briefing came hot on the heels of growing concerns from the Bullets family that NMC was yet to start meeting some of its contractual obligations.


Reading a statement, Chairperson of a steering committee set up to oversee the takeover process Noel Lipipa, said NMC had released about K100 million for purchase of a new bus.

“At the time of signing the takeover document, it was agreed that NMC will acquire a bus for the team. This was done; but when the bus came into the country, it started developing problems. During our meeting on Wednesday, NMC board approved about K100 million for us to buy a new bus.

“Not only have they approved this amount of money, but an agent, Mark Katsonga Phiri, owner of AXA Bus Company, assured us that it will take three months to bring the bus into the country. However, arrival of the bus might delay because of Covid-19 restrictions,” Lipipa said.


On construction of a stadium, which was another of the obligations, Lipipa described the matter as tricky following the government’s plans to construct two match venues for Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers.

“We had a long discussion on whether it was viable to for us to own two stadiums considering how costly it can be. So we will take the issue back to our supporters. The other issue is for NMC to acquire a training ground for the team. We have been looking around for such a facility but the setback is that the places we have been finding are outside town. So our position is that it would not be proper to have a training ground in places such as Mpemba and Chileka.

“We also agreed on the transfer value of the club that it will be K1 and that the company will pay all the team’s debts. Some companies heard that NMC had started paying the team’s debts and started coming in with their claims. Therefore, NMC ended up paying over K300 million in debts which were not appearing on our list,” Lipipa said.

Lipipa said the company also failed to set up regional club houses for the team because the places they had found were also out of town.

He further said NMC was currently working on the other obligations, namely establishing a football academy and listing Bullets on the Malawi Stock Exchange within five years.

Bullets president, Konrad Buckle, said it was a concern that there was a lot of misinformation on the company’s obligations with Bullets.

He said NMC is doing everything possible to ensure that the club is ran professionally.

“Over the past three years, NMC has spent over K1.2 billion on running Bullets. This is a massive undertaking which should be commended. As of now, football is suspended due to Covid-19 but we are still running the team.

“We failed on other issues such as acquisition of a club house and training ground not by our own making but because we have not found the right places,” Buckle said.

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