Nyasa Guruz singer in solo project


The sheer joy of moving out of Malawi to settle in Scotland can, to many a citizen, outweigh everything else, including one’s career as a musician back home.

This is especially true when the home is Malawi, where the pains of releasing an album outweigh the joy of being in the limelight and where the music industry is yet to find its footing.

But not with Nyasa Guruz member Brave Mnyayi, who has decided to turn Scotland into, a route, a passage to greatness while keeping touch with one’s heritage.


Mnyayi has given his music career a boost by allowing it to green over.

The greening over comes in the form of an album, which Mnyayi is cooking after embarking on a solo project that will culminate in his first ever album.

In fact, Mnyayi has cut a single in Scotland entitled ‘Power’, featuring his three-year-old daughter, Rhea, to lay the ground for his project.


The Scotland-based musician, said the single was recorded at City Net Studio, Edinburgh, by Sudanese producer, Ramsi Modi.

The s ing le comes complete with a video, which is available on YouTube.

He said the single is part of a project to produce his first ever album as a solo artist outside Nyasa Guruz.

“I am working on king an album. These are just promotion singles as I am trying to decide which direction I should take while, at the same time, trying to maintain audience [drawn]from different cultures and backgrounds,” Mnyayi said.

And Mnyayi has come out hard, as the song takes a swipe at politicians who give voters a bowl of promises and lies.

“Why do politicians lie when they want to get into power? Apparently, all they need is power and money,” Mnyayi said.

Mnyayi also dedicates time to the homeless and those facing real life issues.

He disclosed that it had taken him too long to produce an album because he wanted to come up with quality work which should leave a mark.

“I haven’t finalised my first album yet as I need to get into the music I know can sell. With Nyasa Guruz, I produced three albums,” Mnyayi said, maintaining that he would remain part of the band.

Munyayi, who is also a performing theatre artist, is one of the lead vocalists for the boy band group, Nyasa Guruz, which has all members related; Pappa BlakJak, Blakseed Liko Bwai, Badde Jinke and Onniwa.

He also did a song ‘Linda Madzi’ and BlakJak chipped in with ‘Chikondi Chanu Mayi’ and then ‘Tumpale’, which positioned the group.

Nyasa Guruz was formed in 2003, as one of the most popular local hip hop and urban music groups.

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