Of Liz D & Menzo C, the radio personality



It is a tricky talk, and you can call it the ‘frank talk of the year’. And, for the first time the Crew is having a good time at some simple but entertaining place, Liz D, near Zingwangwa bus stage.

Liz D herself is quite a good host, very charming. A quest of why so much the charm has revealed that she is a daughter of some personality darling of most Malawians, the late Kapalepale. Yes, the very same man who for decades, entertained each homesteads that had a radio in the country.


But we were not talking of the legendary radio drama icon. This time’s talk was centred one prospective member of the Crew.

This is no other than a guy we mostly call Menzo, a radio journalist who resides somewhere within the terrains of Chilomoni township.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to announce here that you pend my application for membership of the Crew, because I am no longer drinking beer. I have stopped drinking beer, and I belong to another x.


A Menzo inu mungasiye mowa? Kapena mowa ungakusiyeni? [Menzo, you are not a person that can stop beer drinking, you are just a drunkard]” says Lackson, amidst unstoppable laughing.

But Menzo asks everyone to stop laughing. He says: “Ndalandila Yesu, ndisiyeni! [I have received Jesus]!”

“A Mezo woyeeeee, mufuna u pulofeti?” shouts ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.

But Menzo is unmoved. He stresses the Lord’s Grace has set him free, he is no longer the same ‘professor of alcohol’ people knew him as.

But Lackson continues mocking our scribe friend. He says: “Kodi Yesu wake yemweyu wa mu Bible, kapena Jesus Matiki, adatchuka ku Chilomoni kwanu uja [is it the real Jesus of the Bible or that self declared Jesus Matiki – a character that believed he was Jesus sometime back in Chilomoni?].

‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M orders a round – a beer for each one of us, including Menzo himself. He looks at the bottle and appears to regret his earlier decision; but he does not drink it, he exchanges it for a soft drink.

Auntie Liz D reluctantly exchanges it.

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