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Office of the President and Cabinet, Lloyd Muhara must be ashamed

Mdzukulu, as Africans, Thabo Mbeki said, we are the children of the abyss, who have sustained a backward march for half-a-millennium.
Mbeki meant as Africans we have been a source for human slaves. Our countries were turned into the patrimony of colonial powers.
But above all, mdzukulu, we have been victim to our own African predators.
James 13:11 says: “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?”
Just as it is impossible for a bitter spring to bring forth sweet water, it is impossible for a superficial party such as Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to produce serious leaders or an unjust and broken system to produce just characteristics: justice, fairness, selflessness, impartiality, incorruptibility, consideration, humility, earthliness and the ability to see things as they should.
Malawi, mdzukulu, truly needs more than visionary leadership!
If you sincerely asked me, I would without hesitation tell you that the country needs some kind of ‘Arab Spring’ showers, an interventionist deep soul-searching and self-cleansing act with lasting and far-reaching effects to get it out of the current rut and rot.
Perhaps that way Malawi would come out anew; a deep-reaching renewal that the country is unlikely to get from empty ‘ballot-box’ democracy exhibitions – a leadership that can steal millions meant to serve the general populace without a touch of the conscience and any sense of remorse when caught with its hands in the cookie jar can certainly ‘rig and steal’ a whole election and emerge unchanged from the whole exercise.
The country, mdzukulu, needs a whole-system cleansing that can bring or add value to the seeds of democratic governance sown in 1993 and allow the citizenry to confront their ghosts of impotence and regain their rightful place as their own watchdog of their affairs and destiny.
Come to think of it, the Office of the President and Cabinet wanted to spend K64 million to rehabilitate and furnish the office of Chief Secretary to the Government Lloyd Muhara.
Government’s statement made yesterday on suspension of the project reads: “A decision was made to refurbish the Office of the President and Cabinet complex building by replacing old carpets, ceiling boards, painting the walls and installing CCTV cameras for security of Government resources including equipment, and replacing the worn-out desks and chairs.”
But, mdzukulu, you would need to have an “strong detergent-washed brain”, as Bingu wa Mutharika once said, to believe DDP government’s explanation that such work needed a whopping K64 million and that the officers responsible and their allies were not fleecing millions from these improvident project or had no distracting personal pecuniary interests.
Otherwise, why the change of heart has come after media exposé explains more on the iniquitous intent.
The only reason such accomplices in ‘kleptocracy’ are allowed to live another day, mdzukulu, is because the resources the country’s managers loot are not valued by the employer – the grossly over-burdened taxpaying citizenry.
Perhaps, it is also more a reason why the thieving and looting fail to engender the same vitriolic anger – enough to set the country on fire and make these managers to never ever contemplate looting public resources – as other employers everywhere else.
In fact, mdzukulu, majority of the citizenry just do not see any connection between the quality of public service delivery and the balance-books of available resources.
So instead of finding long-term solutions to the problems rocking the country, the DPP government is busy orchestrating ways of fraudulently amassing obscene wealth they have always coveted, all on the shoulders of the poor whom they hoodwink into embracing their pseudo-visions thrown their way. OPC and Muhara must be ashamed.

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