Oh my lady Malawi


Will state it just as it is. Malawi is like a lovely lady who cannot find a good suitor. Literally, she got it all but the perfect gentleman just never comes along. Let me tell you about this special lady:

She has the looks

Starting from the natural terrain and scenery, Malawi is really something to look at. There is hardly a part of the country that does not offer some awesome scenery and natural heritage. Every part has its special gift that distinguishes it from the rest. On Instagram, she could be one of those gorgeous ladies who do not need a million filters and editing apps to look good.


She has the brains

There are people who like to joke that Malawians are obsessed with titles. Dr this, Professor this, Honourable that, Bwana so and the list is endless. We love the titles, we embrace them with pride and we fiercely guard them. But usually that is where it ends; we forget what the titles mean. The fact that someone has to go through some rigorous academic drilling to earn the title – except for the honoris causas of course – seems to carry less weight than the title itself.

What these titles mean is that we have intelligent and educated people in the country that can carry it to greater heights. But they fail to seize the opportunity either because they are corrupted by the obsession with titles or because the social environment is oppressive to anything and everything that rises above popular mediocrity.


This means Malawi qualifies for what we call beauty and brains.

She has the goodies

W e should not be surprised that the Tanzanians are hell-bent on getting a piece of the treasure that is Lake Malawi. That lake is a massive and fierce goodie bag. The question should not be why they want our lake; the question should be: do we see the value that they see in it enough to fight for it and utilise it to maximum potential?

Lake Malawi is a goldmine of opportunities; sometimes it is amazing that as a country we remain lacking in various ways when we have the answer right in front of us. It is like going hungry when you have a garden in your backyard. Should we wait for the Tanzanians to show us what to do with our backyard? Should we wait for them to farm in our own garden, harvest and enjoy in opulence while we starve? Let us wake up.

This lady Malawi has a lot of goodies; Lake Malawi is the bag of goodies that stands out the most. It gives her that nice shape, if you get what I mean.

She has the resources

Malawians have a lot of land. And they have a lot of farmers that grow a lot of crops. But the s e crops usually go to waste because we do not capitalise on value-adding and we do not capitalise on modern ways of boosting the agricultural sector.

Our shops still have a wide range of daily products, vegetables, fruits, meat and legume products and the like that are imported from other countries. For instance, do we really need lentils in our shops? Especially when the raw materials are found right in our own backyard? We allow others to get raw material from us, add value to them then sell the finished products back to us at hefty prices.

Of course, we cannot dispute that most of the world works this way as we cannot produce everything on our own but a balance is needed, izi zokhalila kudyeledwa masuku pamutu zichepe.

This lady is not an empty bimbo who brings nothing to the table, she is self-contained.

But where is the right suitor?

Who is going to balance the equation the right way? Who is he? When is he coming? Apa zabwino zikudyedwa ndi apumbwa (a good lady is going to waste with all the wrong suitors).

All of us in the country have the responsibility of grooming the right suitor to compliment this beautiful lady. It is our job to make sure this lady gets nothing but the best and most committed suitor who will put all the lady’s qualities to good use. It is our duty to ensure that this lady is protected from all those that only care about exploiting and damaging this beautiful lady.

I rest my case

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