Old versus new


This group of young men is trying to make us feel we did not enjoy in our youthful days. They also insinuate that we, old guards, were cowards during our youthhood days.

“How come some of you could move around for a week with a love proposal letter in your pocket, failing to just give it to the girl you fancied? If that is not cowardice, what is it then?” One of them says.

“Afana, simudazione [young fellas, you have not faced a tough time when making love advances]. Those were different days, when women were ladies and not these days when young ladies can fall in love with you before you actually propose to them,” I say, as members of the crew nod their heads in agreement.


But with that I ignite more scorning from the young men.

“Mudzingovomera kuti mudali owuma [just accept that you were weak in the area of proposing girls]. You should also accept the fact that we, modern day youth, are really tough and we have what people call ‘sweet talk’,” says one of the young men.

They continue mocking us, saying their forefathers were not good models to any intelligent young people.


“What of this talk we hear that most of you could escort a girl for over 15 kilometres, walking, and not be able to hit the ‘nail on the head’? In that, I mean, propose love! The whole aim of the escorting is to propose love, yet you could walk all that distance and fail just to say ‘babie I love you’?”

We, the old guards, crew members and others available do not want to be outdone by these ‘kids’.

“By the way,” says Lackson, “do you take it as an intelligent thing to meet a girl for the first time today and end up making love after some rounds of booze? Ndim’mene muluthera [this is why you, young guys, are dying at an alarming rate].

“And, these young boys of modern days are a very dirty lot. Imagine, three of them can sleep with one lady one after another and take pride in that!” adds ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.

We, from the crew, clap hands in appreciation to the point.

“It is all very crazy of them to do that…actually these young boys don’t know how to propose. What they do is just getting the girls drunk and taking them where they can sleep together, most of the times also unprotected!” I chip in.

But the youngsters are adamant, they maintain that even when they do it as a group, it is a sign of brevity and intelligence.

“Actually it is you, old guards, who used to exchange women, even wives, in your youthful days. I hear you used to call it ‘chidyerano’.

Was that also not dirty and even primitive?” one of them tells us.

Seeing we could not reach consensus, we from the crew just decided to change the venue of our drinking.

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