One benefits in Master Farmer Programme


former-ministerA Lilongwe-based woman, Keledoniya Nkhonyo, was recognized for her efforts in encouraging the local community to adopt technology and practices that help to transform smallholder agriculture.

Nkhonyo, who was one of the people awarded in the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s annual innovation awards, was given a K452,000 cash prize and two sponsored trips to study farming in Egypt and China.

Nkhonyo expressed her gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the selection of recognition of the annual event, pledging to go an extra mile to a district level.


“I never expected anything like this in my life. I started this work in my village and now we are working in the whole district and reaching thousands of people,” Nkhonyo said.

President, Peter Mutharika, who presided over the awards ceremony, said it is important to recognize and encourage the people who are working to transform their local communities.

“We search for greatness all around the globe yet we have greatness among us. This country is full of heroes. These people have demonstrated that we can become a nation of achievers


“The men and women we have awarded tonight represent thousands of others who are working hard to develop this country, Mutharika said.

Keledoniya is one of the 120 farmers involved in the Master Farmer project, an edutainment multimedia campaign implemented by Story Workshop, a local development communications NGO, promoting the adoption of improved seeds and their associated technologies among smallholder farmers in Malawi.

Kent Mphepo, Chief Executive Officer for Story Workshop, says ‘Master Farmer’ is a unique approach to agricultural extension as it uses media to encourage social and behavioral change within the community.

“The ‘Master Farmer’ series has not only offered a unique approach and platform to Malawian smallholder farmers to easily identify and relate themselves to the latest technologies in seed and productivity but also stimulated debates and discussions amongst all stakeholders in the value chain at community and national level for the enhancement of the best practices in Agriculture thereby improving the livelihoods and nutritional status of small holder farmers in Malawi,” Mphepo said.

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