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One big fat lie

The DPP-led government and the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) have colluded to defraud the people of Lilongwe City South East and Lilongwe Misozi North constituencies of their democratic right to have political representation in the National Assembly.

They have also committed the same crime to the people of Mayani North ward in Dedza and Mtsiliza ward in Lilongwe.

The people of Lilongwe City South East have no MP because the DPP rigged the election in their constituency in 2014 in favour of their candidate, Bentry Namasasu.

The MCP candidate in that election, Ulemu Msungama, successfully challenged this blatant theft of the people’s will all the way to the Supreme Court and was successful after it ordered a rerun.

Along the way, there were further attempts by DPP to still thwart the people’s will as they sent thugs to burn the warehouse that contained the ballot papers on the eve of the day when the High Court-supervised recount was supposed to take place.

Looking at what is at stake, you would think MEC would jump up and down to make sure that these elections were held yesterday and correct the injustice that the people of Lilongwe City South East suffered by having an illegal representative in Parliament in Namasasu.

But nay, MEC has done its utmost in trying to frustrate a duly democratic process.

To buy time, MEC sent the Supreme Court ruling that ordered a rerun to Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale for interpretation and advice, a big surprise for an organisation that is chaired by another Supreme Court judge, Dr Jane Ansah.

After the AG stunt, MEC came up with another one, this time that the Supreme Court was wrong that it should have ordered a by-election and not a rerun.

MCP made noise against this and perhaps MEC was hoping that the party would go to court and thwart the June 8 electoral programme. MCP did not.

Seeing this turn of events, MEC this time says it has no money as the DPP government has not given it the K300 million it needs to top up the K100 million it already has for the by-elections.

This is one fat lie as the DPP government has lots of money that it can even fund chiefs from across the country to converge at some posh hotel in Lilongwe to dine and wine.

All this was being done so that after being inebriated with government-sponsored wine, the chiefs could then go into unending rants against Public Affairs Committee to be faithfully relayed by MBC TV.

The reality is that MEC is doing the bidding of the DPP government which does not want the polls to be conducted as it knows its image is damaged beyond repair due to corruption, selective justice, nepotism, mismanagement and general incompetence, the list is endless—the very same vices PAC is being demonised with by the greedy chiefs.

People of Lilongwe City South East have absolutely no reason to vote for a government that allowed their ballot papers to be burnt because it did not want them to be recounted for fear of the discovery that it rigged the poll.

This can only happen if they have gone crazy or there is another round of rigging.

This is what DPP is afraid of. It is not about money at all.

As for the present MEC, it is a disaster waiting to happen and I fear for 2019. It is a MEC that is parroting the line of the DPP all the time.

If there is a special law commission recommending a 50 plus 1 mode of choosing a president to achieve credibility, MEC is already on the forefront putting spanners into its works, going forever how that is impossible with the 2019 deadline looming.

MEC would then lecture Malawians how impossible this would be unless some part of our electoral law is changed, swallowing the DPP’s views on the matter hook, line and sinker.

When all is said and concluded MEC and their political masters, the DPP government, are blatantly violating the rights of Malawians especially from Lilongwe and Dedza.

The law is clear and it says by-elections must held 60 days after a constituency is declared vacant. It does not say it depends on some official in Treasury saying yes or no depending on availability of money.

Simply put, what MEC and government are doing is wrong and they must not be allowed to get away with it.

As citizens, we have a right to rise up and stop this nonsense being perpetrated against our hard-won democracy by a cabal of scheming individuals.

It is one fat lie that government has no money for the polls.

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