One Plus 7 is out


With Marshal John Mdeza:

A few years ago, Chinese upstart smart phone maker OnePlus stormed the market with a promise to show both Apple and Samsung how to make a world-class smartphone more spectacular yet cheaper. However, that was not to be.

OnePlus surely offered an alternative in terms of lower pricing but achieved that result through cutting corners and doing away with some features.


The difference with the introduction of OnePlus 7 is that the company has not simply created a copycat of iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S10 but has infused novelty into the mix. For once, OnePlus has dared to travel the road never taken by either Samsung or Apple.

Apple, Samsung and most smartphone makers have all produced smartphones that have a notch at the top centre of the screen that houses the selfie camera and earpiece. This tiny ‘groove’ is an annoying disruption of the flow of the display. OnePlus has done away with this by incorporating a motorized pop-up selfie camera.

Whenever you need to take a selfie, the camera pops up at the centre of the top of side of the phone; when you are done, the camera disappears into the inside of the phone. This is surely a sexy feature and I am in love with it.


OnePlus 7 wears a quality Samsung OLED display with a very high resolution. It is as bezel-less as Samsung Galaxy S10. At, 6.67 inches, it is bigger than Samsung Galaxy S10. The bigger and high resolution display is well supported by a 4,000 mAh battery. The minus is that the bigger screen and battery is excess language on the smartphone.

OnePlus has been nearly as generous as Samsung in terms of Cameras; One Plus has three cameras at the back; 12 MP normal camera, 16 MP wide angle snapper and 8 MP telephoto lens. Noticeably, the telephoto camera is not competitively sharper.

One Plus 7 is powered by an enthralling Snapdragon 855 chip. It has 6 GB RAM and 128GB storage. There is no mention whether the display is wrapped in Gorilla Glass. There is apparently no glass shielding at the back. This is most probably so to achieve a lower price tag.

The phone comes in two versions, the normal one has 6 GB RAM while the other will have 12GB RAM. Both are 4G phones but a 5G variant will follow later.

The introduction price is $670 for 6 GB memory and 128 GB storage. A Galaxy S10 phone with similar features costs $900.

What is the charm of OnePlus 7? First is the gorgeous look. The removal of the notch at the top centre screen completes the bezel-less equation. The thing is that bezel-less screens are about ocean flow and the notch is an abnormally in such a setup.

OnePlus has also demonstrated that probably nobody wants Gorilla Glass at the back of a smartphone. I will explain why; almost always, users use phone protectors that completely hide the Gorilla Glass at the back. So, what is the point?

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