Onesimus back with new song

ONESIMUS —I am working on singles for now

South Africa-based musician Onesimus is out with a new song titled ‘Here With Me’.

The artist formerly known as Armstrong has since received an overwhelming response since he dropped the audio and music video for the track.

“I am working on singles for now and not looking at an album yet. But I am happy with the progress, it’s a good song and people should listen to the message,” he said Sunday.


Onesimus indicated that the song hit 50,000 views in 24 hours.

In the song Onesmas said he would not make it at all in life.

But with God being his shield, he has managed to excel.


He sings that “Your love covers me, the one who is with me is greater”.

Towards the end of the song Onesimus sings that people might call him names but he does not care “if you are here with me (God), who can be against me.

The artist, who used to do secular music before going gospel, recently also spoke to BBC Focus on Africa about his music where he indicated that “we as Christians, we judge people too much”.

On how he makes music that works in the churches as well as nightclubs, Onesimus said:

“You go gently, you don’t preach in your lyrics, or condemn, you talk loosely about abundance and blessings,” he said.

Onesimus famed for songs such as ‘Miracle Money’ and ‘Messenger’, said he makes music for everyone.

The song ‘Here With Me’, follows another single he released recently titled ‘Serious Matter’ and a new music video titled ‘Easy Baby’.

In the song ‘Easy Baby’, Onesimus addresses a good-time girl. The lyrics warn her that the things she wants will fade away, and asks her to treat her body as a temple.

The song ‘Easy Baby’, is a single off his album Messenger.

“I just want to thank all my fans in Malawi and in the world for the love and supporting my music. I am where I am because of them and again, I would like to thank God for the talent,” Onesimus said.

The artist, who last year dropped a track titled ‘Foyu’ in which he featured Nigerian artist Tekno, said Africa has the love of God.

“Therefore, being a gospel artist, I am using the African platform to preach peace, unity, togetherness and oneness,” he said.

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