Only fools insult their former lovers


Fools, and only fools, talk ill of their former lovers, even if the couple went through extremely bad experiences leading to divorce.

“And our friend here is acting foolish in telling us dirty things about his ex. No apologies to make, what he is doing is foolish!” exclaims ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M, as we sip our regular stuff, at one of the executive pubs in town.

Zautsiru basi! Why should he, for instance, be telling us that she used to wet their bed, when actually they had been in love and married for 20 years until their divorce just last week? Why tell us all this now, when, previously, the same mouth was dominated by praise for his then wife, now ex?” continues ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.


Our friend, Joe, the subject of the discussion, tries to justify his demonising the ex-wife, stressing he did not disclose the things he is telling us now, out of respect.

“Even you, my friends, have some negative issues regarding your spouses that you cannot disclose even at gunpoint when the marriage is still intact. Let us wait until you go through what I have and see if you will not have some sort of verbal diarrhea and spill things you should not have when your romance and love were at the peak with your wives!” exclaims Joe.

I order two rounds for all of us and the owner of the bar reciprocates with a plate of snacks, the in-house chef’s special of the day.


“Joe, that is exactly what ‘Atsogoleri Rob M’ is talking of; that it is very wrong to talk ill of your ex – be it girlfriend or wife. Actually, this business of degrading women in public is a crime, you should be arrested forthwith.We can conduct a citizens’ arrest on behalf of the State. You are just lucky that we are your close friends,” chips in Luckson, looking very bitter with our friend.

Almost everyone of the crew takes turns to condemn our friend Joe, reminding him of the good old days when he would over-praise his wife at all times we had a get-together at their home.

“You remember that you and your wife used to surpass us all in the frequency of organising parties and braais? What were you doing then? I thought each time you organised such parties you used to praise your wife that she was the best at everything, cleanliness inclusive?

Now you have the audacity to say some things close to obscenities about her? Oh God! You should be ashamed of yourself!” I say.

And, as everyone, including some other patrons seated near us, is busy bashing our friend, ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M sparks laughter as he diversifies the topic.

“It is just like some politicians and political parties who clap hands for some of their senior members and praise them when they are members of the party. Immediately they resign or defect to other parties, the same hand-clappers start insulting them, describing their exit as good riddance – they even behave like our friend Joe here, smearing insults and obscenities at those who ditch the parties!”

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