Open perspective: In grace, we rolled out red carpet for Hon Chiumia


The recent shameful battering of Malawian boxers in Lilongwe on Friday last week by their Zambian counterparts should be food for thought for the country’s boxing authorities.

The boxing fiesta was organised on the sidelines of an international boxing conference in Lilongwe. Limbani was the biggest casualty after he was mercilessly pounded by a Zambian Mbiya Nkaku after 2:28 seconds of the first round. He lost after the referee had stopped the fight.

Another boxer Chimwemwe Chimwanja looked helpless when he fainted in the first round after receiving a decent pummeling from another Zambian boxer in that embarrassing evening showdown.


It was a terrible evening that left Minister of Sports Grace Chiumia tortured and confused. She felt sorry and frustrated as she saw her boxer sprawling on the floor after being hammered by lethal upper cuts.

That was a true reflection on how bad Malawi sport is. It is the same story when Chiumia also decides to watch a football match involving the Flames.

This is what you should expect from a country where everything— sports, politics and the economy, stopped functioning a long time ago.


This is why I have always questioned the existence of Ministry of Sports. A million dollar question I have always asked myself is; where did the minister of sports get the courage to go and watch the boxing tournament when she knew that this is the game which has been dripping in shame?

If the interview she had with Times Television on that fateful evening is anything to go by, then Honourable Chiumia must have felt embarrassed to watch this defining moment of the chaotic game.

She did not mince words but took boxing authorities head on. Her message was simple and straightforward; the sport must improve.

Given all the drama that transpired that evening, I found her statements quite interesting and regrettable because government has done nothing to improve sports including boxing. All what we hear is political rhetoric. It was a good experience for her. The minister must be told in no uncertain terms that you reap what you sow. It was unfair for the minister to anticipate to watch good boxing when government has not invested in the sport.

This is why Honourable Chiumia and his colleagues need to go back to the drawing board and see where her ministry is going wrong. Otherwise we cannot believe in the crocodile tears she shed at Bingu International Conference Centre on that torturous evening when we rolled out a red carpet for her.

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