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Apolitical science lecturer at Chancellor College, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, has said opposition parties in the country have ably performed their task of offering checks and balances to government in the year ending.

The political scientist, Joseph Chunga, said there is a misconception among people that when the opposition is criticising the government, then there is bad blood between the two sides of the political divide.

“People would want the opposition and the ruling party to always agree on everything. But that is not the purpose of multiparty democracy, where you have the opposition whose sole duty is to check on shortfalls of the government. The opposition has to point out weaknesses and offer solutions. So, in simplest terms, the opposition has done well this year,” he said.


He added that the country can improve on governance if there is constant dialogue between the government and the opposition.

“The best way to deal with issues affecting the country is by coming out, opening up and voicing out our problems. The various views are what make the best outcome in dealing with challenges facing the country,” he said.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson, Alekeni Menyani, said it has been a year characterised by insincerity and insensitivity on the government part.


“They have not wanted to take heed of advice given in good faith. We tried to offer alternatives but because they fear that when they do that, the nation will understand that it is Malawi Congress Party that is guiding government to rule the country,” he said.

However, Menyani said if government works in dealing with corruption that has marred its affairs, MCP is ready to work together with government in the years to come.

“We also want government to eat a humble pie. When we provide solutions, we do it for the common Malawian. The alternatives are not meant to help us gain political ground, so government should be able to adopt them,” he said.

In his remarks, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) spokesperson, Francis Kasaila, said there has been no bad blood between the government and the opposition parties.

“The relationship has been good, they have spoken their mind and we have also spoken out. But the bottom line is we have done well as a party because nobody has been intimidated for speaking his mind,” Kasaila said.

Kasaila, however, denied receiving ideas about solutions to the social-economic woes the country is facing from the opposition parties.

“We have never heard of an option that we can try from the opposition. If there is one, they should remind us and we can talk about it,” he said.

He added that the opposition has been talking about corruption in the current government when it has been there all along.

“If there are facts about corruption, they should come forward and present them to relevant authorities,” he said.

The sentiments by Kasaila come against the backdrop of efforts by an alliance of eight opposition political parties who sought for dialogue with President Peter Mutharika in November this year but were not given chance.

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