Opposition MPs plan motion for independence of ACB


Opposition members of Parliament are during the current House meeting expected to move a motion on the independence of the office of Anti- Corruption Bureau.

According to the Private Members Motion appearing on the Order Paper, both the director and deputy of the anti-graft body should be appointed by the Public Appointments committee of Parliament.

The appointment should be based on merit and through an open recruitment process.


Currently both positions are appointed by a president, a development some commentators say defeats the whole purpose of independence of the institution.

The members want the House to resolve that an amendment bill to amend Section 5(1) of The Corrupt Practices Act be drafted forthwith and presented for consideration in the house.

The motion further states that the director of the graft busting body should be reporting and answerable to Parliament through the Public Appointments Committee and not the appointing authority as it is the case now.


Member of Parliament for Lilongwe South West Peter Chakwantha is expected to move the motion.

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