Osgood Kayuni yet to swap prizes with Wilson Masamba


Osgood Kayuni is yet to swap his prize money with Wilson Masamba following their controversial non-title fight at Robins Park in Blantyre three weeks ago.

Kayuni was mistakenly declared the winner during the junior welterweight eight-round contest on September 24 before Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) reversed the decision two days later.

According to the contracts, the winner was expected to receive K400,000 and K350,000 for the loser.


After the announcement of the incorrect results, Kayuni received K400,000 while Masamba got K350,000.

After reversing the decision, MPBCB Chairperson for the Southern Region, Mbachichi Nyirenda, said issues concerning contractual fee were supposed to be ironed out through promoter, Mike Chitenje, Managing Director of Mulanje Last Boxing Promotions.

“The promoter was supposed to get money from the loser and give it to the winner,” he said.


Kayuni claimed that his stable was not served with an official letter pertaining to the reversal of the results.

“Besides that, there was something sinister which happened. I was thrown to the blue corner and yet as a boxer who won the two previous fights, I was supposed to be at the red corner. Anyway, I will not comment much about the money which I got,” he said.

Masamba and his manager, Craig Rousseau, Managing Director of No Pain No Gain Boxing Promotions, said they were waiting for Kayuni’s camp to refund the money.

“They should play fair. If it were us, we could have given them back the amount,” Masamba said.

Meanwhile, both camps have demanded a 100 percent hike in prize money if the pair is to fight during Sand Music Festival at Livingstonia Beach in Salima at the end of the month.

Craig Rousseau said his boxer was set for a continental title fight later this month and he can only forgo it if the purse for the local bout is doubled.

Kayuni said doubling the stakes would be ideal.

Chitenje, in reaction to both cases, said MPBCB can retrieve the money from Kayuni as a body that was mandated to sanction the fight.

On doubling the stakes for the rematch, Chitenje said both camps were not being realistic.

“After the fight, I asked whether I should pay Kayuni as the winner or withhold the amount until the issue was resolved. I was advised to pay Kayuni and now the board must recover the money and not me,” Chitenje explained.

“On doubling the contractual fee, I think that it is greed taking centre stage. How many times do they fight international fights and receive K400,000? They get peanuts in most fights.”

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