Owen Kayange in sixth mission


Nkhata Bay-based musician Owen Kayange has returned with his sixth album titled Khethe Khethe Ndi Yesu, which he will launch at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu on September 4 2022.

All the songs in the 10-track album are in Chichewa, except one which is in Kayange’s mother language called Chindali.

“I am a Ndali by tribe originally from Misuku Hills in Traditional Authority Mwenemisuku’s area and this is why I am referred to as Misuku Hills Boy in the music circles,” Kayange said.


A born-again Christian, Kayange uses music to minister the word of God and he says God called him to be his ambassador and minister of his kingdom.

“Music to me is a ministry. Khethe Khethe Ndi Yesu album is a revelation of the works of Jesus Christ in my life. God is calling all of us to offer ourselves as living sacrifices; so, all the songs in there appeal to Christians to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly,” he said.

Recorded and produced at Alimoso Studios by Khathwa Aligiza, some of the songs that make the album are ‘Wekha Uzagwa’, ‘Yesu Amandikondabe’, ‘Tomasi Didimo,’ ‘Kweza Maso’ and ‘Keta Tukumwimbira Yesu’, a track which is in Chindali which in Chichewa means ‘Onani Tikumuyimbira Yesu’.


Despite walking a long journey that has seen him release six albums, Kayange admitted that some of his projects did not do well on the market in terms of sales.

“The first album was one of those which did not do well and it is all because it was work in progress and the same with the second and third albums. The fourth and the fifth albums are the ones that lifted my status. The fifth album titled Ndikudikililani, which I released in 2016, did well and it assisted me to raise funds to assist a needy child whose mother died soon after giving birth,” Kayange said.

Kayange’s other albums are Ambuye Amayankha, Simphamvu, Dzuwa Lawala and Thandizo Langa ndi Yesu.

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