Paramount Chief Lundu accused of abusing powers


Paramount Chief Lundu has been accused of abusing his powers by firing chiefs in the Shire Valley, contrary to Section 11 of the Chiefs Act.

Lundu has reportedly been firing chiefs despite being warned by the District Commissioner.

The act gives powers to the president to remove chiefs after instituting an investigation on an alleged misconduct.


Chikwawa District Commissioner Bester Mandere issued a notice to Paramount Lundu on December 19, 2016, reminding Lundu that the Local Government Act gives such powers to the president not any other chief.

“I wrote the letter to advise the Paramount that what he is doing is illegal. The Chiefs Act is very clear on who should dismiss a chief. It’s the President after an enquiry has established that the said chief was involved in misconduct. District Commissioners play the role of advisers to chiefs and people in the areas that we are posted to. This is what I did in the letter I sent him,” said Mandere.

Lundu is said to have dismissed 11 village heads in Chikwawa.


However, other chiefs, including traditional authorities Mlilima, Ndakwera and Maseya, have reversed Lundu’s decisions and reinstated village heads that were dismissed in their areas, respectively.

But reports indicate that Lundu is defying the District Commissioner’s advice by refusing to reinstate the village heads he dismissed in his area alone and has necessitated Mandere’s transfer to Machinga.

However, Mandere refuted the allegations, saying transfers are normal in government. He further said there was never any animosity between him and the traditional leader.

When contacted for comment, the audibly angry Lundu told the reporter not to “bother” with the issues before cutting the telephone line.

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