Party built on arrogance


If it were to happen in a more discerning society, Secretary General of the DPP Gresseder Jeffrey would have by now either resigned or fired for making even the smallest hint that the Northern Region will never produce an occupant for the State House until eternity.

This is for the mere reason that such statements in whatever form they can come are a manifestation of outright hatred and discrimination of one section of society in preference to the other as a result of some warped thinking.

I know for a fact that President Peter Mutharika who is leader of DPP will say or do nothing about this. In fact, expecting him something is mere folly.


The reality is DPP as a party is built on arrogance and feeling of entitlement. Such a feeling runs through its veins. It is part of the DPP’s DNA.

The issue is about Karonga Central MP Frank Mwenifumbo going back to his party of roots, the Alliance for Democracy (Aford) to the utter chagrin of DPP.

Jeffrey revealed to us that the President called Mwenifumbo to plead with him to join DPP.


The MP turned him down and has since explained that he could not join DPP because it is a party that is abusing Malawians through corruption, nepotism, selective justice, the list is endless.

This is what has angered Jeffrey to go to Karonga to insult Mwenifumbo and others that as long they are in Aford, a party that some northerners relate to, they will never rule Malawi until eternity.

In the wisdom of Jeffrey, it is a God given right of DPP to govern Malawi and not anybody else especially if they come from the North.

The question is how do members of DPP from the North such as Goodall Gondwe feel about this? That it is written in their stars that no matter what they can do, they can never ascend to the pinnacle of the party?

But, as I said, this is typical of DPP and they do not seem to learn.

At the height of the late Bungu wa Mutharika rule, when arrogance was their trade mark the then regional governor for the South Noel Masangwi did exactly the same thing, putting a foot on his mouth and declared that this country was not ready to have a woman president.

All this was said just to undermine the then potential DPP’s presidential candidate and vice president Joyce Banda in preference to Peter Mutharika.

As fate would have it, Joyce Banda governed this country for two good years after Masangwi made the infamous declaration.

For two years Joyce Banda walked on the red carpet wherever she went. For two years, sirens blared fully on the convoy wherever she went in the country.

She opened Parliament and delivered state of the nation addresses and received letters of credence from foreign ambassadors and high commissioners.

She represented Malawi at any international forums including the UN and AU as head of a fully fledged state.

In short, we had a woman at the State House governing us all. If this were left to DPP and its central characters such as Masangwi, this would never have happened.

Parties, just like presidents, come and go and make no mistake about it, DPP will not be in power until Jesus come as they want Malawians to believe.

That is not life as everything has its end.

All these declarations about northerners are just empty bravado and empty arrogance.

At the end of the day, it is down to Malawians to choose a president and not noisy characters such as Gresseder Jeffrey.

It is up to Malawians to decide who should govern Malawi and it does not matter where he or she comes from.

Indeed Malawians from all walks of life from Chitipa to Nsanje and Nkhotakota to Mchinji will come together and decide whether to keep a party in power that is arrogant and behaves in a manner that seem to suggest it alone is best positioned to govern while the rest of us were born to be shepherded into submission to be abused. Who gave the DPP that right and feeling?

Only a party built on arrogance running through its veins and DNA would have such a feeling.

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