Patience Namadingo talks blackouts in video


Arts, they say, is born from everywhere. Be it sorrow, pain, happiness or loss.

And recently, the power outages that have rocked the country have awoken the creative spirit in musician Patience Namadingo who has released a video lamenting the electricity blackouts.

“I just thought I should do something on this power outages as an artist, so I decided to shoot a video and the video has actually gone viral and many people have viewed it,” Namadingo said.


He said the blackouts have angered Malawians and that it was time someone stepped in and gave the people a smile while they wait for the problem to be sorted out.

“I am a gospel artist and it’s my duty to feed people when they are hungry and frustrated,” said the singer and guitarist.

Namadingo said the country was losing out a lot due to the power shortage.


“Productivity both mentally and businesswise, Malawi has slowed down because of blackouts. We as artists our shows are affected,” he said.

Several sectors including the creative industry have been affected by blackouts with organisers of events and artists forced to invest on generators during shows.

Some artists have had their shows end abruptly because of power shortage.

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