Patience Namadingo’s William Kachigamba fundraiser delays to start

FOR A CAUSE—Namadingo as a statue

Musician Patience Namadingo’s fundraising drive for 21-year old musician William Kachigamba, who was diagnosed with cancer delayed to start Tuesday.

Namadingo had planned to start the fundraising drive at 10am Tuesday by posing as a statue at the proposed Mahatma Ghandi statue site near Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

But he started two hours later as he had to wait for permission from Blantyre City Council (BCC).


The target for Namadingo is to raise K3 million for Kachigamba to go to Zambia for treatment.

“William has hope that he will be well, he is a musician and die-hard fan of me and when I saw his video clip, I thought of creating an idea of raising K3 million and when I saw that there was no statue of Mahtma Ghandi, I thought of being that statue,” he said.

As he waited for permission, Namadingo, who was dressed in camouflage trouser turned on the live feed for people to start making donations.


On the delay, Namadingo, said BCC takes care of the city and that as law abiding citizens they wrote a letter seeking for permission last Thursday.

“We went there Thursday last week but we were told to wait, on Friday reminded and then on Monday we were told they had not read it. This morning (yesterday) we went there and we were told the same and so we had to wait,” he said.

BCC Public Relations Officer Anthony Kasunda, said they received Namadingo’s letter on Thursday and that processes have to be followed.

“When you want to do a big walk or any other event, the law is that you have to write us a letter two weeks in advance and we only got Namadingo’s on Thursday but all the same he has been granted that permission,” Kasunda said.

The letter dated August 25 2020 and signed by Lytton Nkata for Chief Executive Officer, granted permission for a team of five to camp at the junction of Mahatma Ghandi Road and Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre for a charity fundraising event for the benefit of Kachigamba.

The fundraising drive according to BCC letter runs up to Friday.

The FDH Ambassador, famed for mash up medleys which have seen him collaborating with a number of musicians said he was happy to be granted permission.

“The delay did not affect me at all. We don’t have a time limit on when we are going to stop. All we need is to raise the K3 million that’s all,” he said before undertaking the assignment.

He went on to take the assignment carrying a bottle of water and two books which he had bought from a bookshop in town – one titled Royals by Kitty Kelly.

“I am emulating a statue which does not eat, does not go home, I will be stationed here like a statue but will need water and earlier I had a few bananas and sugar drink. For the books, they will keep me going and hope to learn something after reading,” Namadingo said.

Before going on the assignment, Namadingo interacted with friends and cracked jokes but once he took the pose he stayed focused and did not talk.

He said earlier that there will be security with police booked for the assignment adding that he deliberately selected the place because it was a police unit and hospital.

Namadingo said he will continue helping out wherever need be.

“The biggest investment are people, we have to invest in one another and so if I see a problem which I can manage to help solve I will always do that. I would like to thank people for coming out to support,” he said.

Before taking on the assignment, Namadingo indicated that they had already raised 10 percent of the amount with donations coming from among others, Whatsapp group called Friends of Vision 2020, who saw his video and raised over K300,000.

Piksy’s manager Wisdom Phanga hailed Namadingo for the initiative.

“This is what we need to do as a country and we thought of joining him since we are in the creative industry together,” Phanga, said after donating Moyo water and some money.

The other contribution came from Umatha Daily, an online promotion company.

Well-wishers can donate towards Kachigamba’s treatment using mobile money number 0994875515 or account number 1850001019338, account name Patience Namadingo, FDH Bank.

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