Payments of contractors await National Audit Office report

Williams Banda

The Ministry of Finance has said it will wait for national audit results on K79 billion debt the government owes road contractors in the country.

In December last year, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works indicated that the debt was negatively affecting road construction works, with works on some roads stalling altogether.

Ministry of Finance spokesperson Williams Banda said Monday that, according to government procedures, the Treasury could not release the funds until national audit reports were available.


Banda said this enables the government to prepare payments in relation to the progress of construction works.

“The government has to pay the arrears but, for the government to pay them, the rule is that there must be thorough verification by the National Audit [Office],” he said.

Banda added that this helps in making reconciliation of work done and money paid for it.


National Audit Office spokesperson Rabson Kagwamminga said they had made remarkable progress on the audit and would soon be issuing the report in accordance with the law.

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