People’s Party North supporters march for Ngwira


Some supporters of the opposition People’s Party in the North Monday marched in solidarity to some media houses in Mzuzu to protest against the expulsion of former Provincial Chairperson for the region Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

PP, which is now under the interim leadership of Uladi Mussa, fired Ngwira recently for allegedly organising thugs to terrorize a regional meeting that was scheduled for Sunday last week.

Leader of yesterday’s march, Clive Nthakomwa, said they decided to storm the media houses to send a warning message to the leadership of the party that firing Ngwira would not solve problems in the party, especially in the Northern Region.


“We are saying it is not news that our PP is divided here in the Northern Region because of our leaders. We do not see any reason why the Acting President Uladi Mussa and the Secretary General Ibrahim Matola should fire people in the party like that. What is wrong with Ngwira to be fired? If he is bringing confusion

in the party, do you think the solution is to completely remove him?” Nthakomwa said.

He further said: “We want to tell them that if they think they have resolved the problem they are cheating themselves. This is fuelling more problems because to us Ngwira is still the Provincial Chairperson and he is still PP.


“What kind of leadership of firing people instead of uniting them is this? That is the problem of leaders who were appointed through phones and not at a convention,” argued Nthakomwa.

However, PP Administrative Secretary and Publicity, Ken Msonda, said the demands by the marchers will not yield anything or change the party’s decision. Msonda said the Ngwira matter was a closed chapter and the party is doing well without him.

“What we know is that our PP members were not meeting yesterday. If some people wearing our party cloth were marching to the media houses, then they were doing that not as PP.

“Issues of Mzomera Ngwira were resolved and we are not looking back. We have a lot of things to do as watchdog [to] this DPP government and Malawians expect us to work for them. We are focused and we have buried the past,” said Msonda. Ngwira refused to comment.

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