Perspective: What disorganised MPBCB didn’t say?


Listening to tantrums uttered by Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) on a local radio station in reaction to this column’s entry of last week, one discovers that the sport is riddled with inexperience and wrong attitude.

MPBCB feels that to question why they have hiked license fees by an average of 100 percent, when it has literally done nothing to develop the sport, shows that the critics do not appreciate the strides professional boxing has made.

It is unfortunate that this committee has decided to bury its head in sand despite the shame and incompetencies dodging the sport.


Instead, MPBCB, who are still learning the ropes of the sport, had the courage to call me all sorts of names to the extent of suggesting that I am not mature enough to competently comment on boxing.

I accept to be at the end of the barrage of their attacks, but I still maintain that this organisation is a shame, and it is adding no value to the sport. In simple terms, MPBCB is cancerous to the already ailing sport.

In this local radio interview, MPBCB should have told the nation where its secretariat is, because it is supposed to be the nerve centre of its operations.


It defies the whole logic that this organisation harbours an ambition of hosting an international boxing conference, as they are on a fund-raising drive, and yet they have no proper secretariat, website or let alone an e-mail address.

In fact, it is laughable and lop-sided thinking to imagine hosting an international conference when you have no simple basic equipment like boxing rings and your sport has no reputable professional boxer.

Possibly in that interview, MPBCB should have told the nation why no boxer has had his or her record updated on boxrec? And how many boxers have lost opportunities because of this sheer laziness?

MPBCB should have justified why a promoter has to pay transport, accommodation and meals for 10 officials per boxing game for such a poorly- marketed and organised sport?

They should clarify why some officials demand fuel for their big engine vehicles to and from boxing events when using public transport is economical?

For sure, I don’t think this organisation is adding any value to the sport.

It is sad that signs have started manifesting that the new kid is about to disappear from the boxing radar.

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