Peter Machilika’s wake-up whip for Africa


Pain is, it seems, universal.

While it is always pleasant to share the cake, sometimes, it simply becomes impossible to keep one’s pain to oneself.

This seems to be the case with Peter Machilika, who would like me to share his thoughts, encapsulated in his write-up tilted ‘Africa: Time Is Up, Time Is Now-Wake Up’, through this forum.


Here we go, the Machilika undiluted way:

There was a time in history when Africa was a cradle of civilisation. It is an open secret that the famed Greek philosophers and mathematicians once came to Africa to learn from our great minds.

Africa is the richest continent as far as natural resources are concerned. But why is it that Africa is still lagging behind socially, economically, politically, spiritually and even academically?


The answer is very simple. We have lost our identity. Why? Because we look down upon what we are and think that whatever comes from the west is right and acceptable. We are a foolish crop that devalued and diluted our core values to the extent of assimilating and inculturating every nonsense and rubbish from the west. Zopusa zenizeni.

What went wrong in history? Greed. Love of money. Uchitsiru [foolishness]. Umbuli [ignorance]. Ufiti [witchcraft]. Ngati mwakwiya nazo then zilibwino [if you are infuriated by what I have just said, that makes me feel much better].

The expedition of Africa and the scramble for our beloved continent heralded the beginning of our downfall. We started selling our brothers and sisters as slaves to them in exchange for valueless things such as salt, sugar and clothes.

At this point in history, we started downgrading our intellectual capacities and saw whatever these westerners brought as sensible.

Some masqueraded as Christians who came with the Bible. They told us to hold the Bible while they took our land. Then, they devalued African Traditional Religion (ATR) to paganism.

They brought in their Eastern and Western philosophies that deleted our Ubuntu philosophy. They conquered our body, mind and soul and rendered us useless.

What I am writing is what hurts me the most. What I am expressing right now is not for weak minds. It is only for those who are patriotic to the mother continent. Oombela mmanja ndi kupembedza westerners zanu zimenezo [woe unto you, bootlicker].

The proponents of pan- Africanism had a great vision for Africa at the time most countries were gaining independence from their colonisers. They envisioned an Africa that was united, with one President at the top and one currency to manage the economy. They definitely knew that, if that could happen, Africa would become the biggest economy and probably the world super power.

The people from the west saw our formula and distorted it through divide and rule strategy. The wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Bulundi are some of the man-made catastrophes whereby these western powers tend to divert our attention from development issues.

It is high time we, Africans, woke up from our slumber and rose to the occasion to regain what we lost.

We need our land back. When Robert Mugabe was grabbing the land from some farmers in Zimbabwe, those from the west demonised him as a dictator with an aim of turning Zimbabweans against him. However, I take Mugabe as the true son of Africa because he stood his ground at a time most African presidents were bootlickers, hand clappers and puppets of western and eastern governments.

I find it very stunning and enigmatic to see some African countries celebrating their independence when they are still dependent on their former colonisers economically, socially and politically.

We need to open our eyes and see that most wars in Africa are funded by these folks so that they can be stealing our minerals while we are busy killing each other.

Africa must, truly, be for Africans.

It is really sad that we have been brainwashed and formatted into believing that nothing good can come from Africa.

Even our schools have adopted foreign languages as official languages. Mitu yathudi inapima [we stopped thinking logically long ago]. We need redemption. What is wrong with using our mother tongue just the way Tanzania is doing? How can an African president be making a national address in English, French or Portuguese while more than 70 percent of the population is illiterate?

What is the benefit of having parliamentary proceedings and deliberations in English when three quarters of the population speaks Swahili, Chichewa, Chiyao, Shona, Lingala or Isizulu? Timafuna kutanthauzanji? [What picture of Africa do we portray?]

The most shameful experience comes in when most African people think that speaking in English or French is a way of showing kuzindikira [enlightenment]. I don’t think so! Uwu ndiye umbuli weniweni [this smacks of ignorance]. I am not a bootlicker. I do not care.

But it is high time we returned to our roots. African roots.

All foreign languages must go. We need African languages in African schools. Biology needs to be taught in local languages. It will make us proud. Using the languages of our former and new colonisers is a recipe for disaster.

It is sad to say this but let me say it anyway. Foreign religions must also leave Africa. We have had our own religion, just like India and China have Hinduism and Budhism. One reason that we are not developing is that we are blindfolded by these foreign religions to seek miracles, instead of working on the ground. Ati kusaka chozizwa [We do all this in the vain search for miracles].

If I were an African president, I would fight for the emancipation of Africa from these ill-meaning people.

These people have done us more harm than what meets the eye. They have exploited us beyond the limit. They are still dictating what is good or bad for us. THIS MUST STOP.

We do not need the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or European Union to be interfering in our internal matters. Mind you, we are not poor but we have been hoodwinked into believing that we are.

Africa now needs patriotic leaders who can make the dream of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Lybia come true: The United States of Africa.

Koma mmmmmm dyera atsogoleri amu Africa. Tinazolowera kupondelezedwa [I blame African leaders, who have put us in this precarious position. Pan-Africanism will die a natural death if cowards remain leaders in African countries. I rest my case!

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