Peter Mutharika decries moral decay


By Mandy Pondani:

President Peter Mutharika has expressed concern over the continued moral degradation, saying it continues to impact negatively on national and human development.

Mutharika said this on Saturday when he presided over the 12th congregation of University of Livingstonia (Unilia) of the Church of Central African Presbytery held under the theme ‘re-thinking our values’.


He said Malawi has to re-think the values of her people, complaining that in recent years the country has produced educated people who lack good character.

Mutharika also said Malawi is practising politics of hatred, a development he said is detrimental to the democratic dispensation.

“There is no doubt that somewhere in the history of this country, we have lost our values. We are a society that chooses to molest one another just because we can hide behind social media instead of respecting one another,” he said.


Mutharika then condemned jealousy and the pull-down-syndrome, saying people should learn to encourage those that are doing well instead of fighting them.

Adding: “We are a society that values making noise more than reasoning with one another… Our democracy listens to the majority of the noisiest… we are a society that allows the triumph of evil because we choose silence instead of defending what we know is right.”

Mutharika, who is also University of Malawi and Mzuzu University Chancellor, challenged the graduates to think outside the box, consider self-employment and find solutions to some of the problems that the country faces.

He then said success does not lie in white-collared jobs alone, saying blue-collared jobs should be valued since most of the country’s successful citizens are products of the hard work of blue-collared parents and other benefactors.

Taking his turn, Unilia Chancellor, Reverend Timothy Nyasulu, thanked the government for the support it renders to the institution’s various programmes, including the education sector.

“We are working hard and we have partnered various universities within and outside Malawi because we believe that research is crucial if we are to produce graduates who are going to meaningfully contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation,” Nyasulu said.

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