Phindu to play judge at Word Smash Poetry drive

PHINDU ZAIE— I am excited to share my work with a new audience

Poet Phindu Zaie Banda will this weekend fly the country’s flag at the first ever all-female national slam poetry feast in Lusaka, Zambia, where she will play the role of guest judge.

The spoken word artist leaves the country tomorrow for the event, which will be held on Saturday.

Phindu Zaie, who has starred at a number of platforms and uses poetry to advocate social justice, said yesterday she was happy to participate as guest judge at the poetry platform and at the same time showcase some of her work.


“Honestly, this is very unreal for me. I hadn’t ever thought this was a possibility and yet here it is; happening. I am excited to share my work with a new audience and I am humbled by the attention on an international scale. This is big. Surely a game changer,” Phindu Zaie said.

She said World Smash Poetry Movement is an organisation based in Zambia that works with poets and artists from different countries.

“I was part of a virtual series they hosted at the pick of Covid aimed at amplifying voices and promoting collaboration among poets.


“This event I am attending is their first ever all-female poetry slam, being held in line with 16 Days of Activisim against Gender Based Violence under the theme ‘Ending Violence Against Women: How Far?,” Phindu Zaie said.

Her work includes ‘From Whispers to Screams’ (2020) and ‘Bodies Are (Not) Home’ (2019).

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