Phyzix gets Yali recognition


By Stevie Chauluka:

Renowned hip-hop artist Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka, has been recognised by the Youth African Leaders Initiative (Yali) under United States of America Department of State Bureau of International Infor­mation Programmes.

The recognition is based on a song called ‘Mutipatsa?’ which Phyzix released ahead of the May 21 2019 elections. The song led to what is now called the #Mutipatsa? cam­paign.


A publication on the Yali website under headline, “There is a hip-hop movement start­ing in Malawi. Here is why it matters to the 2019 elections”, describes how Phyzix is using his music to address the coun­try’s social issues and the role of young people in addressing such issues.

Phyzix told the publication that, “I am using my music to endorse a political party but to stand for the youth. I want to give them a voice; I want them to say, this is what we want”.

He described the ‘Mutipatsa’ campaign as a platform through which youth can share their is­sues they want elected leaders to address in their communities.


The musician descried the recognition as an honour saying it shows Yali has recognised his contribution towards the 2019 elections on behalf of the youth of Malawi.

“We, as musicians, are citi­zens first – enjoying the natural rights and freedoms as everyone else such as freedom of associa­tion or supporting any political party but we also have a respon­sibility to contribute to Ma­lawi’s social and economic de­velopment. This is why I chose to stand with the youth; to con­tribute towards making sure our voice is heard,” he said.

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