Phyzix talks ‘Flaws’

PHYZIX—The album has super rap styles

Award-winning musician Phyzix real name Noel Chikoleka yesterday opened up to talk about his latest album titled Flaws set to be released on March 26 2021.

The album, according to Phyzix, is a follow-up to his previous project Gamba Season which earned him praise and accolades last year.

The artist made history for himself last year when he collected a number of awards in the 2020 Urban Music People (UMP) and inaugural Malawi hip hop Awards.


“The title is a triple entendre; it has three meanings, Flows of Phyzix (raps), Flaws of Phyzix (mistakes) and Fourteen Laws of Phyzix (principles),” he said.

The ‘Cholapitsa’ star said the album showcases mistakes/weaknesses/ blemishes common to humans and how most of “us deal with them”.

“It is an album that has super rap styles. Finally, I get to share the 14 principles of life that I live by and encouraging you to have your own set of principles as a form of accountability and pulse check. It is an album inspired by life experiences and real events,” Phyzix said.


He said this is an introspective album that “that will take us on a journey deep within our own minds”.

The album has 16 songs and they include ‘Kutali’, ‘Akazanga’, ‘Careful’, ‘Momo’, ‘Angelina’, ‘One Day’ and ‘Blessings’.

Some of the artists he has collaborated with in the album include Slapdee from Zambia, Janta, Chizmo Njuchi, Veda Njuchi, Nepman, Teddy, Ikon Emcee,Episodz, KingLV and her sister Complex.

The album has seen Phyzix working with a number of producers and engineers including Stich Fray, Dare Devilz, Janta, Richard Billy, King Duda, CY, Spectrum Radar, Zupah, Dickez Walker, Eril, ToniCity, Lil C and Mumbele.

“Music videos will start this month. Covid is a world problem and I feel duty-bound to contribute to the prevention of the pandemic in my country. I feel like this is my best album and I encourage people to have a listen to it and a thorough listen for that matter,” Phyzix said.

He also encouraged people to buy and stream the music.

“I always value people’s support and this is why I encourage them to buy. We invest money in these projects for returns and so people need to grow the culture of buying artworks,” the rapper said.

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