Pick yourself up in 2017


There are numerous reasons why we must not look back but instead stay focused and be hopeful that 2017 will be just fine. The frustrations of 2016 could be many but dwelling much on the year gone will only remind us of our failures.

Rarely do people remember the past for good reasons. Good for those who have a lot of positives to remember about 2016. For those who had bad moments, this is the time to forget such moments.

Sometimes it is actually a problem to praise ourselves for what we achieved in the past. Such achievements only make us complacent yet we know that every year brings its own challenges.


Friends can make us fail or achieve something. Only those who are clever might realise that some friends are not friends worth spending a minute with. Their smiles can deceive and that is why we should not count much on everyone who is around us. The reason we usually fail in life is that we are surrounded by people who do not share similar aspirations with.

As humans, we lack in many aspects. But we must thank the one who created music. There are so many lessons from music that, if we ignore the counsel in it, the consequences are predictable.

In the Bible, there are so many composers that we know of. There were players of instruments who sang before kings and, most importantly, those who praised God.


So much of the music we listen to these days might lack meaning. And, of course, there is lot of music in churches today which Christians dance to but not all of such music glorifies God.

On a number of occasions, I have heard people judging others for the music they listen to. There is a lot of music that the church deems heathen. However, such music is usually misunderstood by those whose perception of music is shaped by little information. Can’t we listen to Peter Tosh or Bob Marley because the church will question our thinking?

As the New Year starts, there is so much we can reflect on. Those who failed in 2016 must pick themselves up and dust themselves up. ‘Pick Myself Up’ is Tosh’s song from the album Bush Doctor. The song builds its meaning from birds. If you watch the birds flying past you, how meaningful are the songs that the birds sing? If we were to fly like the birds, what would stop us? Maybe we lack belief.

As humans, we work every day hoping to make our lives better. Despite working so hard, as Tosh sings, most of us still go home wondering where the next meal will come from. Most of us still cannot afford a piece of bread in the home. Does that mean we work for nothing?

As we enter the New Year, such questions must be answered. Most importantly, we live so that we are able to testify what God has done for us. Listening to another of Tosh’s songs titled ‘Testify’ from the album No Nuclear War, it is evident that life is precious. We must thank the one who gave us life and protects us every day.

Tosh sings: I say I, am gonna testify what Jah has done for I/When I am down He picks me up/ When I am empty He fills my cup/ When obstacles are in my way/He will remove them for I, I say!

So, as we enter the New Year, there is a lot to celebrate about. The life we have is meant to give us the chance to praise His name and testify what God has done for us.

Why can’t we gather round then and praise Him? Happy New Year to the readers of this column.

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