Piksy calls on fellow artists to invest money


Life is hard for musicians at the moment as they are struggling to make ends meet.

And musician Piksy has called on fellow musicians to learn how to save and invest money which they make.

“It is time we stopped spending money anyhow, we need to save and invest it. After Covid-19 pandemic is gone, we need to do that otherwise we will keep struggling when such situations come up,” he said.


The artist made the call on Friday afternoon when he starred for National Bank of Malawi in Blantyre in an Unlock Your Potential project.

During the perfomance that was supported by Marko Kamba and Dave , Piksy excited and entertained people, who were doing transactions in the banking hall.

The 20 minute performance which was streamed live on the bank’s Facebook page on Saturday afternoon, saw the artist dish out songs such as ‘Corona’ ‘Umakwana’, and ‘Angozo’.


“It felt good performing. I always come here to transact but to perform to an audience was special. It was good to link up with band members as well. I miss live performances and so, this was my first outing,” Piksy said.

He maintained that artists were struggling in the absence of live performances due to a ban on gatherings of more than 100 people.

“Most people don’t buy music and the only source of income is live performances. Artists have lost a lot in that some had to postpone shows having already invested,” Piksy said.

He hailed National Bank for the opportunity of a show.

“It is a call to other companies to support artists this time by engaging them to link up with fans and their customers through shows and this will also be part of supporting artists financially,” Piksy said.

The musician then said people need to be positive during this time when the world is fighting Covid-19.

“This is why I did the song ‘Corona’. Corona is here and we have to wait for vaccine but let us be happy, enoy life, work and let’s not stress,” Piksy said.

National Bank of Malawi Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager, Akossa Hiwa, said bringing in Piksy was part of their Unlock Your Potential campaign which will run in four phases.

“This campaign was launched last week and it focuses on looking at the positive aspect of Covid-19 pandemic. We realise that the pandemic has disrupted the way we live. Business now is business unusual and life is not normal but as a bank, we choose to focus on the positives,” Hiwa said.

She said that every situation presents an opportunity to grow and that with the campaign, they were trying to encourage their customers and followers to use this time to learn how they can grow.

“Bringing Piksy was part of reminding them to smile and show them the beauty of music. Piksy lightened the mood of customers in the hall and some were dancing. This was also part of reaching out to artists this time when they are struggling in the absence of shows, we know we can’t reach out to all but we are in this together,” she said.

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