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There is an old adage that says failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Most of the times we fail in our ventures and endeavours in life not because we are failures, or lack skills and resources; but simply because we fail to plan.

People continuously struggle with basic parts of everyday life like completing school, tasks at work, handling family and staying in good health because of failing to plan and prepare.

Usually, we play it by ear, work on adhoc plans, engage in impromptu activities and get carried away with spontaneous spending.


This is one of our major weaknesses as a people and as a country. We are struggling as a country because we have failed to prepare and plan as individuals and a country at large.

The powers that be are letting us down and we are also letting ourselves and each other down.

Population growth


Children are gifts from the above indeed, but that should not stop us from planning because either way we need to take care of our children here on earth and also recognise that we are part of a bigger national and global network.

Currently, our social services are failing to sustain the population. Our children are born and end up being subjected to the pains and struggles the country is in.

We should plan so that we can offer our children the best things in life and nurture them to become people who will make huge contributions to the networks they are in.

Water shortage

Malawi’s population is booming. Just visit the Capital City and witness the overcrowded roads and towns.

Just 10 years ago, the city was not as populated. Visit Limbe and Blantyre towns and one is welcomed by the same throng of people.

It is not surprising that there is water shortage in the country because we failed to plan for the future. We failed to take heed of projections and prepare for the growing population. The capacity for water provision is still dated three decades ago when we had less than half the population we have now.

At the moment, we can only hope that our water boards would work magic and expand their activities to ably provide for the country at large.

Intermittent electricity

Indeed, Escom should have known that Malawi will eventually demand more and more electricity and it might not manage to provide power to the country unless some major steps are taken to increase its capacity.

Of course, revenue remains collected. However, as citizens we have also become aware of these challenges and we need to help ourselves and empower our homes and business to navigate the shocks of persistent power shortages. Let us learn to improvise.

Retirement plans

A savings and investment culture is not so popular in the country. This leads to the downfall of most people who were prosperous in their prime years; CEOs , ministers, football players, members of Parliament, entertainers etc

Many a sad story have been told about people who shined and had the best of the world only to end up paupers and languish in dire poverty and destitution.

We need to have a longer and more focused vision for our future when we get to our prime and productive years.

Climate Change

Just as we are aware of the growing population, we are aware of climate change and we are aware of the economic challenges the country is facing.

We should be able to devise strategies and techniques to circumvent these issues without going on living with a business-as-usual attitude. Business-as-usual can no longer work because nothing is as it used to be.

Road networks

A lot of cars are coming into the country along with the growing population and urbanisation of citizens.

Even though the government has tried to improve and add on to main roads, there is still work to be done. People are building good houses and other projects in areas that are a headache to access. On the other hand, 99 percent of our roads are single carriage and traffic remains heavy.

We need wider and better road networks to foster development; our cities are growing and more cars are coming and there is generally more activity.

Together, we can transform a cocktail of failure into a cocktail for success.

Developing this country depends on every one of us and the impact we decide to make in our various capacities.

I rest my case.

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