Poet Wokoma-atani recovers from Covid


Legendary poet Benedicto Wokoma-atani Malunga has recovered from Covid, having finally tested negative.

The poet of the ‘Ndizakutengera Kunyanja Ligineti’ fame said Tuesday that he has been in isolation after testing positive and that after 15 days, he went for confirmatory test which was negative.

“My suspicion is that I got exposed to Covid in my village in Liwonde as I was organising the funeral of my brother Feli Malunga, who passed on in India. As we waited for his repatriation to Malawi on January 23 for burial on January 24, I interacted with a lot of people despite the fact that I protected myself all the time,” Wokoma-atani Malunga said.


He said a week after the burial, he began experiencing serious fatigue, splitting headaches, serious lack of appetite, terrible joint pains and loss of sense of smell.

“I then took a Covid test at Mwaiwathu which confirmed that I was positive. I went back to Zomba to quarantine myself while ensuring that my BP treatment was religiously taken. My signs and symptoms were largely managed with rest, regular intake of fruits and a positive attitude that I would recover,” the veteran poet said.

Having tested negative, Wokoma-atani Malunga said he has no signs except fatigue.


“With the tough experience over, I have already begun reflecting on my experience poetically. Do not be cheated corona can attack anybody anytime. It’s a pandemic like any other. It should therefore not cause undue panic. Stick to preventive measures while maintaining a positive attitude,” he said.

He said, like all pandemics, Covid will eventually go.

“But getting tested reduces the spread. In my village all our workers have tested negative and our houses have been disinfected. I should be going back to work soon when my energy returns,” he said.

But what was he doing during quarantine, writing poetry or short stories?

“Not really. But to reflect on the impact of corona from a practical angle and to seek more information on the pandemic and, after recovering, I have begun writing poetry of hope to lift the nation’s current low spirits,” he said.

The ‘Siananso Awa’ star said ,as more people recover than die, it is necessary to restore hope and bring back normalcy.

“Fear lowers the power to fight corona virus,” Wokoma-atani Malunga said.

Veteran actor and cultural activist Dyson Gonthi has also recovered from Covid.

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