Police provides security to filling stations

Long queues at a fuel pump station

By Patience Lunda

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has started providing security services to filling stations across the country in a bid to bring order when motorists are purchasing fuel.

MPS spokesperson Peter Kalaya confirmed the development, saying they have decided to start the exercise after observing that there is commotion and disorder in some filling stations, especially those in cities.


Kalaya added that they will conduct the exercise until the fuel situation stabilises in the country.

He urged fuel attendants and motorists to follow rules and regulations guiding the fuel retailing sector.

“We have, indeed, started providing security to filling stations as the country is facing a lean period, in terms of fuel supply. As such, we want to bring order and ensure people that professionalism will be observed during this time and we urge the general public to conduct themselves accordingly,” he said.


Among other things, MPS will also be ensuring that fuel is not being sold in jerry cans.

On Monday and Tuesday this week, the law enforcers confiscated over 500 20-litre jerry cans in Lilongwe and Kasungu.

Meanwhile, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority spokesperson Fitina Khonje has urged consumers to cooperate with the presence of the men in uniform so that order is maintained.

“Consumers have been requesting for maintenance of order at fuel service stations and the police will be responsible for restoring law and order since they are a competent authority and we would like consumers to be accorded good and efficient services,” she said.

Consumers Association of Malawi Executive Director John Kapito said the problem of “fuel scarcity has resulted in infringement of consumers’ rights” and that, as such, the coming in of the police is timely.

MPS started providing the security services from Monday, September 19 2022.

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