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Police should act professionally


The thinking across the sweeping ranks is that the Malawi Police Service (MPS) mostly act with speed to make an arrest in so far as politicians are concerned when the suspect is a member of the opposition party.

So to hear that the police are yet to bring to justice the 22 Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets who beat up and injured two police officers in Ntcheu in May this year just confirms such an assertion.

For a long time, as observed by some quarters, the law enforcers have been looking the other way, pretending nothing has happened, whenever members of the ruling party or people connected to the ruling elites break the law.


During the late Bingu wa Mutharika administration, for instance, some DPP cadets wielded panga knives in the streets of Blantyre City in a bid to stop some people who were planning a peaceful demonstration against Bingu’s dictatorial tendencies.

And, recently, the cadets were at it again where they intimidated and harassed journalists covering former Agriculture minister George Chaponda’s case.

The cadets had actually the audacity to say that they are still the notorious panga wielding cadets, saying they have not changed.


In both instances, the police did what they know best when it is the ruling party members breaking the law, ‘looking the other way and pretending nothing is happening’.

But this must stop, and now.

We urge the police to jack up and rise above party politics and selective justice to ensure all Malawians receive justice no matter their political affiliation.

The police must be reminded that no one, not even the 22 cadets, is above the law they are under obligation to enforce.

It is high time the police removed their kid’s gloves when handling these cadets as they have now proved they are capable of causing terror to innocent citizens including the law enforcers themselves.

So the police spokesperson James Kadadzera remarks that the police had cautioned the cadets against such acts are not enough.

We demand professionalism and we implore the police to walk the talk as a reformed service.

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