Police shuffle State House security


Malawi Police Service (MPS) has transferred some of its officers from various state residences, a move police spokesperson James Kadadzera has confirmed but described as normal.

The part of a communication announcing the transfers which The Daily Times has seen has at least 15 names of officers who have been moved from state residences.

But a security expert Brigadier General Marcel Chirwa (retired) said although some transfers in security institutions are normal, some are implemented as a way of punishment for misconduct.


He said rules are actually written that in some case, an officer can be transferred as way of punishment for misconduct.

He then said although the transfers look normal, they might have been triggered by a misconduct.

“In any security service, there are rules and regulations which are followed. If you break these rules one of the resultant punishments is transfer. There must be something which triggered the transfers,” Chirwa said.


But Kadadzera maintained that there is nothing unusual in the transfers.

“Every police officer knows that he/she can be moved to any police formation at any time. We swear to protect lives and property of everyone, so we look at our officers and see which police formation needs re-enforcement,” he said.

Kadadzera further said it is not only officers at state residences who have been moved to various formations.

The transfers have come barely days after President Peter Mutharika was stoned in Blantyre the day he presented his presidential election nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission ahead of the July 2 election.

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