Polish the brand to shine


We get excited about people that have turned themselves into highly celebrated brands.

Tiger Woods was for so long a name associated with golf, peaceful protests have an iconic brand in Mahatma Gandhi and resilience in political adversary has a brand in Nelson Mandela.

You surely have some people in your life that, upon hearing their names, you associate them with something. That is how they have branded themselves. Upon being told that somebody has an appointment with a radiologist, what will come to your mind is that they are meeting Dr Kampondeni. We used to associate the fight against tuberculosis with late Dr Salaniponi. Even in the legal fraternity, some names are outspoken. The bottom line remains the same: They were not born brands. They transformed themselves into brands that we all cherish.


From a K79 investment, a secondary school dropout in the name of Napoleon Dzombe became the face of philanthropy in Malawi. You can also create your own brand in any field of your choice. It is possible.

What deters us from becoming brands is that we only marvel at other brands but forget that we are just an unpolished brands. To create your own brand, you have to work hard on your dreams; never give up. Recognition never comes easily. You will have to fall and start walking again several times. There will even be people that will tell you that you are too good for nothing. Do not lose sleep over them. Understand that they are entitled to their opinion but that does not express what you can and cannot do.

It is very simple. If someone tells you ‘you can’t’, they are showing you their limits not yours. Take time to see opportunities in challenges. Remember that it is only when it is very dark that stars are bright enough. Find your passion; develop your brand.


There is an exciting story of two young entrepreneurs Dingi Mdingase Tewete and her husband Grippa Tewete. Upon realising that milk from their cows was getting rotten due to some market challenges, they did not give up. They analysed the situation and noted a glimmer of hope in such disappointment. They came to realise that instead of relying on selling raw milk, they could be producing yoghurt. That brought to light Kombeza Yoghurt; delicious yoghurt that is beginning to conquer the market. Judging by its taste, cost and delivery models, it is only just a matter of time we see Kombeza gracing fridges in great super markets in Malawi and beyond. Dingi and Grippa were not born yoghurt brands but surely they have established a foothold in the yoghurt business.

Write on a piece of paper the dreams you want to achieve in life. Paste the paper somewhere in your bedroom where every morning you will easily read the dreams before you start off for your other activities. It is the very same dreams that will be the final things to say goodbye to you every night you are about to sleep. The more you reflect on such dreams each and every day, the more you will start believing that you can achieve them and the more you will start working towards realising them. In those dreams, lies your brand; that unpolished brand that only awaits your awakening of it.

Do not get worried of what you do not have. It is not what you do not have that will keep you away from your dream. It is your inability to utilise what you have that will keep you away from becoming a brand you want to be. When you set your dreams, you work hard towards them, you invest in your dreams and ideas, you collaborate with people that share your mission and vision and you never give up on the basis of detractors’ voice.

Winners never quit and quitters never win. It does not matter how long it takes you to polish your brand. You owe the time to nobody. You have to appreciate that things will happen to you at the time zone that is different from that of others.

Appreciate the fact of life that you have your own time frame and that you are in no competition with anybody else. You are your only competitor. Whether you unleash your brand quicker or not matters less. The bottom line is achieving your dreams regardless of the time. That is what will matter to the world and people will not refer to the time you became a brand, they will just refer to the brand. You are a brand. You are a brand. Polish the brand to shine.

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