Porcupine strike


I am walking down Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre once again. I wish this highway was fully accredited as Henry Blessus Masauko Chipembere Highway. Yeah, I wish posterity would understand what this name means to this nation.

There are a lot of sounds coming from this highway now. The minibus call-boys are loud too. There is a cacophony of sounds of the real world.



As I continue walking along this highway, I see there is a lot going on. There are also new structures being erected. I also notice the name of this joint.

This old place used to be UTM Bus depot. This place used to be busy. But with time, someone has opened what he calls the Chicken Republic. I wonder why this is called by such a name. Is it that a chicken is a special delicacy at this joint? Can I enjoy my local chicken stew here too? I ask a lot of questions as I move down this highway.

Yeah, countryfolks, I hear Professor Jack Mapanje’s song of chickens loud and clear too. There is something with chickens, I guess. So this place, they have called it Chicken Republic!



Yeah, countryfolks, I am walking once again down Henry Blessus Masauko Chimpembere Highway. I am walking down this highway. I am observing the new innovative ideas that have become a reality. I notice that development is on the move without question. I notice the new imposing structures at the High Court too.

This is where people seek justice. I notice there is a lot of investment that has gone into this High Court. I notice the changes on the highway itself. This used to be narrow. But all of a sudden the highway seems to have a lot of space from nowhere.

Yeah, countryfolks, I am continuing with my journey. I hear the birds sing too along this highway. These birds remind me of one folktale.

This is about the Porcupine.


Padangotero! Tilitonse. Long time ago. Long time when the world was the most peaceful place to live, there lived a hunter in a certain village.

One day he decided to go hunting. He went to the deepest part of the jungle.

Yeah countryfolks, the jungle was thick and dark. He was not lucky. He was tired. Hungry. He tried all his hunting skills to no avail.

As he was about to give up, he saw a peaceful Porcupine. He set his arrow. Ready for attack.

The Porcupine on high alert sent his quills against the hunter! In no time the hunter was wounded.

Yeah countryfolks. Muvi kalase nungu! Arrow, go and strike the porcupine.

Ananu kaphuleni mbatata! Yapselera!


As I continue walking down Masauko Chipembere Highway I am drawn back to the present. The rains seem to be erratic. I wonder what will become of us if this status quo remains the same. I pray for the rains.

Rasta lives

I missed late Evison Matafale’s memorial function last month not by design. I always find time and space to pay homage to all fallen artists not only in Chileka but the whole country.

I have always shouted on top of the anthill for our beloved government to officially take over the whole Matafale memorial as a national event. I still hold on to my view. This memorial should not be held in Chileka. It should be held at Kamuzu Stadium. There should be full security detail. Full emergency services. Top government officials .Top politicians. Yeah, coungtryfolks, Rastas do not die! beg to move!

Lastly, I am sad with the death of a creative writer Professor Steve Chimombo. May his soul rest in peace.

Aluta continua…

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