‘Positive mind set crucial’


Director General of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Thomas Munthali, has emphasised the need for Malawians to embrace the National Transformation 2063 with a positive mindset if the development blueprint is to be meaningfully implemented and realised.

This came out during the launch of the first ever annual National Development Conference hosted by the Commission under the theme; Beyond political freedom to inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance.

In his presentation Munthali highlighted that Malawian need to understand that achieving their desires in the agenda requires collective effort and positivity.


On the performance of the economy Munthali said the economy has been devastated by an industry sector that shrank.

“Our appetite to import is yawning while our industry can hardly produce foreign exchange, our exports are low and therefore our ability to import is going down. When we can’t generate forex we rely on donor but also borrow locally which is not sustainable.

“In 15 or 20 years we can become a middle income economy, however, we need to have two children per family which is a tall-order considering the fertility levels in Malawi,” Munthali said.


Keynote speaker at the event, who is also Vice Chancellor for US International University in Africa, Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, emphasised the need to transform the agriculture sector in the country.

“There is need for greater crop diversification away from the supremacy of maize, improving rural markets and transport infrastructure, provisional of agricultural credits, use of inputs and better farming techniques and expansion of irrigation and extension services,” Zeleza said.

The conference which ends today attracted experts in various fields, the academia, the public and private sectors within the country and in the diaspora to validate findings of studies the NPC has been conducting as the next development agenda.

The Commission indicates that they expect a final development blueprint will be discussed and adopted by parliament before the end of the year.

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