Posts Corporation boosts darts team’s international chances


Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) has boosted MPC Darts Team’s chances of extending its dominance across the boarders, by pledging to support the team in its quest to travel and play against teams from neighbouring countries.

MPC’s Post Master General, Andrew Kumbatira, made the pledge after being impressed with the team’s recent good form that has seen it dominate the domestic darts scene.

The team won the Presidential Cup last year and recently won the Darts Association of Malawi (Dam) Cup after dominating the national finals held in Mzuzu.


Kumbatira said the sponsors were pleased with the team’s exploits and they would commit to supporting the team more.

“As a company, we are happy to associate ourselves with a winning team. We want this to continue therefore we will continue sponsoring the team. We want the team to get more youth players on board to build another generation of winning player,” he said.

“We will support them in any way they need help. If they want travel and play abroad, we are ready to assist them if they bring a good proposal on board. We want the team to move to greater strengths as our brand also continues to get more recognition.”


The team’s senior player Chipiliro Mzanda said the club was grateful for MPC’s K1 million annual sponsorship package that makes them the only sponsored darts team in the country.

“Their commitment to continue the sponsorship also gives us hope that we will be able to fulfill our programmes such as youth development initiatives,” he said.

“We will also try to send a few athletes abroad so that they can get some international experience. In the future we should be able to participate in more international competitions.”

The team is currently preparing for the defence of its Presidential title this July in Mzuzu.

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