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POV member finally releases debut album

Isaac Chizaka

Prophets of Vision (POV) member Isaac Chizaka has released his debut album titled Oil.

The artist, also known as Isaac The Duke, comes out with his album after announcing last year that he was going to release a solo a solo project.

Before releasing the album which has come out with a DVD, Chizaka dropped promotional songs, ‘Pillow’ and ‘Bomba Sakhalira’.

“It’s been a tough year especially with Covid-19 pandemic working on the two projects but thank God I have now realised the dream,” Chizaka said Monday.

He said, yesterday, that POV was still intact and that once they were ready with a new project, they will come out.

“I just thought I should come out with my own works but POV is still intact and for now there is nothing to talk about. Working on the DVD and my first album has taught me a lot and I call upon people to support me and buy the original copies,” he said.

He described the messages in the album as powerful and that he was tackling day to day issues as well as calling upon people to be prayerful and also look up to God for their different endeavours.

As a member of POV, Chizaka has not moved away from the group’s style of music.

Recorded at M Studio in Blantyre by Steve Meleka, the album has other songs such as ‘Ndayaka Moto’, ‘Masuka’, ‘Mboni’, ‘Ndakudalira’, ‘Alipompo’ and ‘Mboni Remix’.

“There are only nine songs in the album, I would have gone for 10 or 12 or more but times have changed and you can’t always have more songs in an album. Having nine songs also gave me more time to concentrate rather than working on more songs,” he said.

Chizaka said the album and DVD was on the market but was quick to say that he was also embracing technology.

“I am looking at putting my songs on different online platforms apart from the hard copies. Having done several albums with POV and now my own album, I would say there is progress as far as my music growth is concerned,” he said.

The DVD produced by Mike Msiska has six songs and they include ‘Pillow’, ‘Bomba Sakhalira’, and ‘Oil’.

He said with events not taking place at the moment due to Covid-19 pandemic, he would hold the launch once the situation normalises.

“I have missed the stage and I am looking forward to give people the best once everything gets back to normal,” Chizaka said.

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