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By Sam Banda Jnr:

CHIZAKA—This is a solo project

Gospel group Prophets of Vision (POV) is intact despite one of its members Isaac Chizaka, who is now trading with a new name Isaac the Duke, making a solo move to release singles.

Isaac has so far managed to drop two singles with the latest ‘Bomba Sakhalira’, following up on his debut single ‘Pillow’, which he released last month.


Speculation has been rife since Isaac released the single that the group was on the brink of collapse but Isaac denied this, saying the youthful group would soon come out with performances.

“This is a solo project I thought of working on but POV is there. There comes a time you just want to work on your own project and this is what has happened and is part of ministering the word of God. Actually I have received support from fellow members,” Isaac said.

Apart from Isaac, the other members of POV are George Adams and Omex Chimpeni, who also stars with Faith Mussa and has also been working with acts in the past such as Peter Mawanga.


Adams, who at one time took a break from the group due to academic studies before returning back to the fold, said yesterday all was well with POV.

“Isaac has our blessings and we encouraged him to do so as (me and Omex) have been tied up recently due to personal commitments. Mostly, he has been the one with more space than the two of us,” Adams, who is also into master of ceremonies said.

However, despite their busy schedules, Adams maintained that POV is intact and that they will be appearing during shows and in new songs whenever opportunities present themselves.

“As I indicated earlier, Omex has been very busy with work and a few other personal stuff. The same with me, my work at PSI demands most of my time in the field,” Adams said.

Omex, who plays drums, also said Isaac has got their blessings and that they have no problems with him coming out with his own songs.

“This is a ministry and, if God gave him this pathway to work on own songs, this is okay. All is good and POV is still there,” Omex said.

POV has five albums to its credit namely Tiankhandwe, Lipenga, Ambuye Mukundimva, Madalitso Mbwembwembwe and Wakukenani.

Meanwhile, Isaac has said he is trading as Isaac the Duke as part of giving his music a brand.

“In musical circles it is good to run with another name and I thought I should go with Isaac the duke simply because I am the duke of music. It is all about identity in music,” he said.

The artist has recorded all the two singles with Steve Meleka at M Studio in Blantyre.

“Steve Meleka give me a chance to show my skills and that is why I have utilised him. The singles are part of a solo album project I am working on. The target is to finish the album later this year but I also have one more single to release”, the singer said.

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