Power from Sapitwa


I like this piece When Sunset comes to Sapitwa and its symbolism by Professor Felix Mnthali. I like Frank Chipasula’s poetry especially Of Visions and Reflections. I also like The Summer fires on Mulanje Mountain. I also like The Four Winds of Sapitwa as now being at the heart of one of my comrades in arms, Agnes Mizere.

This month is the peak of tourism in the country. I salute our authorities for declaring it as tourism month where we all are supposed to join forces in the development of tourism not only for pieces of silver and gold but also for the sake of humanity.



I am following this trail on Mulanje Mountain. I wonder what is happening to this world organisation that declares such a national and world treasure as one of the wonders of the world. Simply classified as World Heritage site.

Yeah countryfolks, I am serious about the world view on the declaration of such sites and spaces in the world.

Unesco has loudly defined the World Heritage site as a landmark which is officially recognised by the United Nations. It is believed that most of the sites have a historical, cultural or scientific significance. These sites are legally protected too.


Yeah countryfolks, I share the position of Unesco. I like the whole idea of protecting such sites for the sake of humanity.

I wonder where Unesco is now as the sacred pools of Dziwe la Nkhalamba are being threatened by the wanton cutting down of the Mulanje Cider.

I wonder why this Mountain is not being declared as the World Heritage site with all its cultural, historic, spiritual, scientific, political, artistic and geographical significance.


I am still climbing slowly to Sapitwa, the peak of this mountain. I know a lot of myths about Sapitwa. I know that some of these myths and beliefs cannot be fully comprehended by any other person outside the cultural and spiritual realm of the people.

I know that as I am climbing facing the cool breeze to Sapitwa with my guide, I need to respect the rules of the jungle. I know of some people who have challenged to climb this mountain alone. They have challenged that they can climb any mountain without a guide.

They think these are just mere tour guides interested to make a few kwachas.

Yeah countryfolks, these tour guides are not just there to earn an income for escorting us up the mountain to Sapitwa. They know the path of the mountain. They know the language of the trail to Sapitwa. They know the heartbeat of the four winds of Sapitwa.

Beneath these rocks are tons of water. Beneath these rocks are precious stones.

Yeah countryfolks, beneath these rocks I am seeing footprints of the real Sapitwa and ancestors sleeping peacefully as in Dziwe la Nkhalamba,the pool of our ancestors.


As I am nearing Sapitwa, I am seeing visions of power. I see artists have translated the small fires that are lit at night on top of this mountain. I am reminded of the poets underlying meaning too.

I think I now understand why some people are not advocating for this Mulanje Mountain to be declared a World Heritage site. I know some people want to take this mountain as their father’s mountain. I know some people are myopic and retrogressive in their thinking.

I know some people cannot reach this Sapitwa because they are afraid. I know some hypocrites who cannot reach Sapitwa. I know too of some cowards who are afraid to protect this mountain by dancing to the tunes of those who are cutting down the Mulanje cider without any sense of guilt or remorse.

I know that Sapitwa is the abode of our ancestors as the four winds continue to blow.

Aluta continua…

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