PP anticipates heated budget session


Former ruling party, People’s Party (PP), has said it expects the forthcoming 2016/2017 budget session of Parliament to be a heated one following some unexplained expenditures in the now ending fiscal year as well as some new policies which government intends to introduce.

The party’s acting President Uladi Mussa was speaking on Sunday in Mangochi in an interview on the sidelines of a political rally the party held to solicit views from its followers on issues which need to be included in the next financial year.

Mussa said as a party they are not impressed with the way government has used various allocations in the 2015/2016 provision and he said PP intends to press government to explain some of the expenditures.


“We want government to explain how it has used over K900 billion which parliament approved in the just ended fiscal year. The expenditure is in a mess and we have a feeling that if we don’t provide enough checks and balances, government will continue spending money carelessly,” Mussa said.

Another issue that will be debated is the introduction of hospital fees in public hospitals. Mussa faulted government on the idea saying the move needs to be shelved to give government a chance to first clear its mess in the public hospitals.

“There are no drugs in hospitals. Ambulances are lacking fuel. There are a lot of problems in the hospitals which we think are deliberately created by government and with all these challenges, how do you expect people to start paying when the services are substandard,” Mussa questioned.


The PP further faulted government’s approach to ending hunger, explaining that cabinet’s idea to import maize is ill-timed and unwelcome considering that Malawi has a lot of fresh water which can be used for irrigation between now and the next growing season.

“They are initiating processes to import maize from other countries instead of just pumping resources into irrigation farming which we all know can give the country sufficient food in the next three months. We feel importing maize is another move by the current government to sustain the current hunger so that Malawians can continue begging from them,” he said.

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