PPP conference starts today in Lilongwe

MWALA—Indaba will help unlock potential

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) international conference starts today in Lilongwe and organisers have set an ambitious target of achieving various investment deals.

The meeting would help unlock economic and infrastructure development opportunities for the country.

It has attracted leading PPP practitioners, financiers, industry experts, equity providers, leading private banks and investors, lenders, pension funds, construction firms.


Other participants to the indaba include facility managers, development partners, non-governmental organisations, contractors, members of the diplomatic corp, contracting authorities and advisory firms.

Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) Acting Chief Executive Officer, Audrey Mwala, said the conference would help connect businesses and public entities.

Various deals are expected to be stricken at the conference which starts by training on best PPP practices among other things.


“The three-day event will be dedicated to discussing issues pertaining to revolutionising infrastructure development in Malawi through PPP arrangements,” Mwala said.

Mwala said among other benefits, the indaba will help unlock potential in private sector investment and put Malawi on the map as an investment destination.

The conference will also help capacitate the public and private sectors players on PPPs.

The seminar is a gateway to unlocking Malawi’s potential to infrastructure revolution through PPPs.

It is being organised by the PPPC under the Ministry of Finance in partnership with the Africa Public Private Partnerships Network, the World Association of Public Private Partnerships and the PPP forum for Africa.

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