Preserving Malawi’s treasures


Malawi is rich in treasures that define its history and identity.

These treasures are in various forms, including traditional tools, farming practices, food, songs, dances, marriage arrangements and many other expressions of culture that have been passed down from one generation to another.

Unfortunately, many of these treasures are at risk of being lost forever, as they are not being properly documented or preserved.


This is a serious concern, as it means that future generations of Malawians may not have access to treasures that define their country’s identity and history.

The loss of Malawi’s treasures is a result of several factors, including the lack of resources and infrastructure for preserving and documenting them and the impact of modernisation.

We may blame intergenerational failure or lack of interest to document things, including documenting the history of individual families.


For sure, the present generation may not know things beyond their grandmother and father. Therefore, the lack of written literature to document these treasures is a major challenge.

Without proper documentation, these treasures may disappear completely, leaving a gap in the country’s cultural and historical identity.

Writers and publishers have a crucial role to play in preserving Malawi’s treasures. They can help in documenting and preserving Malawi’s cultural heritage by creating written works that describe and celebrate the country’s treasures.

These works can be in the form of books, journals or even online content. By producing written works that highlight Malawi’s treasures, writers and publishers can help ensure that these treasures are not lost to future generations.

The loss of Malawi’s treasures has serious implications on the country’s social and economic development.

These treasures are an important source of identity and pride for Malawi and can help promote social cohesion and a sense of community. They also have economic potential, as traditional food, clothing and crafts can be sold as tourism products.

The responsible government ministry can play a significant role in preserving Malawi’s treasures. It can invest in the establishment of more museums and develop training programmes for cultural heritage professionals.

The ministry can also work with communities to document and preserve their traditional practices using digital technologies resulting in creating archives that can be accessed by future generations.

The ever-growing loss of Malawi treasures means that the knowledge of how to use and make tools, how to arrange marriage proposals, how to respect the elderly who are today subjected to ridicule, and how to respect chieftaincy, may not be passed down to future generations.

Of course, the Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art should be acknowledged to have done the best. However, written documentation is ideal for easy accessibility.

Malawi’s traditional dances and music are also at risk of being lost. These are unique and valuable forms of expression passed down from generation to generation.

Malawi’s traditional foods are also at risk of being lost. These foods are not only a source of nutrition but also play a critical role in social and cultural events.

As Malawi continues to develop and modernise, it is essential that the country’s rich treasures are not lost.

By investing in preservation and documentation, promoting awareness and incorporating Malawi’s treasures into education, the country can ensure that its treasures are passed down to future generations.

We as a nation, must recognise the value of our treasures and take action to protect them for the benefit of all Malawians.

In conclusion, the preservation of Malawi’s treasures is a critical task that requires the collective effort of everyone, including writers, publishers and the general public.

The absence of written literature to document Malawi’s treasures is a significant challenge that must be addressed urgently.

By investing in the preservation and documentation of Malawi’s treasures, promoting awareness and incorporating them into education, the country can ensure that its treasures are passed down to future generations.

We must recognise the value of our treasures and take action to protect them for the benefit of all Malawians.

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