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President in wrong job


If President Peter Mutharika and his minions at State House want to lord over Malawians and think that they can govern without being criticized for taking this country on a self destruction path, then they have one choice and that is to resign.

The State House has embarked on a campaign to silence all Malawians it views as critical of the administration such as Stanley Onjezani Kenani, economist Henry Kachaje and Times TV presenter, Brian Banda through publication of lies on blogs.

Kenani is being targeted because of comments he posts on Facebook while the State House believes Kachaje is a strategist for the opposition Malawi Congress Party.


Brian Banda is disliked for his TV programme especially the Hot Current which hosts me as a permanent guest.

Now seeing that attempts to have Kenani fired from UN job have embarrassingly yielded nothing but an egg on their face, the yobs at the State House are concocting another plan to create a sex scandal for the writer.

This is total desperation from a gang that knows it is failing Malawians and has dug a dungeon for us all and has no clue on how to take us out of the pit.


The whole idea is to silence and shepherd all of us into submission, thereby manufacturing consent from the long suffering population.

But this will not happen. Malawi belongs to all of us. If the President thinks he can rule in the manner founding president the late Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda did, then I got news for him.

The late Kamuzu ruled in a different era and under a different set of circumstances. His word was law, and was mighty.

The late Bingu wa Mutharika was avid admirer of Kamuzu and was daft even to take his title of Ngwazi.

Perhaps this admiration has been genetically transmitted to the present Mutharika at the State House and he wants to govern the way Kamuzu did.

He wants us to worship him in awe and that every time he speaks, we should all bow down in total supplication and submission.

The President wants to ruin our lives through mismanagement of the economy, tolerance of corruption that runs deep among his ministers and aides and he expects us to look the other way for fear that his boys are going to reveal to the world what was once in our cupboards.

The President and his yobs want us to praise him when there is nothing to praise him for or else, his party is ready to unleash young democrats at us and make our lives a misery in our own country.

But I repeat Kamuzu days are gone and anybody thinking that they will recreate them through use of violence or other underhand dealings using pathetic characters employed at State House is wasting their time.

Instead Malawians voted for multiparty system of government on June 14, 1993. They then promulgated a progressive Constitution in 1994 which guarantees citizens of this country freedom to speak against the way their country is being run, among other freedoms.

This freedom cannot be taken away from Malawians such as Kenani and Kachaje through threats of violence or creation of scandal with a view to embarrass them.

This freedom is a right and not freebies to be doled out at the pleasure of the President or any of his characters at the State House.

The President has a job to do for which he is paid top dollar and it comes with power and honour. He should tell his minions at the State House that instead of chasing wind and seeing anthills where they’re are none, they should help him solve the many problems Malawians, whose taxes fund his extravagant life style, are facing.

Malawians are gnashing teeth like in hell every day through problems such as punitive taxes, rampant corruption, electricity blackouts, dry taps, hunger, broken health care system, crumbled agriculture, deteriorating standards of education, the list is endless.

These are things that the President should be busy with and not to even imagine that he could govern the way Kamuzu did without criticism.

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